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  1. Bexy

    Bexy Well-Known Member

    Me and my partner are thinking of getting her mum an Xperia X10 Mini but, we're not sure how well she'd cope.

    She currently has an LG Cookie, which she says she loves but, it does annoy her - to the point of saying "i hate this" in the car while sending a text...then realising what she'd said and looked sheepish as we'd got it her for Xmas. Anyway....she was having problems sending a text a believe. She likes the look of the X10 Mini and was even going to try and get a contract for it but, we're thinking of getting it for her sim free.

    So yeah, she likes the look of the X10 Mini and is finding her LG Cookie hard to use lately but, we don't know how well she'd cope with it and if we're likely to hear "i hate this" when using it :(.

    I've read that the keyboard isn't that responsive, it doesn't always register letters but, I know this was also the case with the X10. Does the update (i believe the latest X10 update is also for the Mini) sort this out like it has on the X10? It being a 1-9 keyboard instead of QWERTY is not a problem as she prefers it over qwerty (and hates when the LG auto rotates while sending a text and changes to the QWERTY keyboard). But one issue she does have with her current phone, is once entering a letter, it's more than 5 seconds till she can enter another double letter (eg leek). What's the time until a new letter of the same key can be pressed? On her old K770i it was about 3 seconds which was fine but, it's about 8 seconds on the Cookie which makes typing a message painful for her (and painful for us when she has to tell her).

    I know she won't use all the features of it but, I think she'll be impressed with the camera (currently has a 3mp camera with no flash and no zoom). Does the X10 Mini camera have zoom? (On her Cookie and her old SE K770i, she could only zoom on the video recorder, also the cookie has no flash so was a crap phone at xmas when not much lighting at 7am and me and my partner had both sold our phones with good cameras for iphones :|). We got her the Cookie in the hope it zoomed but, it turned out to be a worse camera but, she loves the look of the phone and loves the look of the X10 Mini.

    So yeah, is the keyboard responsive now? How long do you have to wait before entering another letter on the same key, eg two "e"'s? And can you zoom on the camera? (I know it has flash :D).

    If the keyboard isn't that great, we might pay the extra for the Mini Pro but, we're not sure she could use that either. Imo, I think she'd find it easier typing on the screen. She doesn't have big hands but, she might find the keys on the physical keyboard too small.

    One more thing, does the X10 Mini have a removable battery? I read somewhere today it didn't but, I've never seen it mentioned before, or anywhere else.

  2. MiniDroid

    MiniDroid Well-Known Member

    Removable battery: No.
    Multi-tap waiting time: I'd say under 1 second? (I just tried it)
    Camera/Video Zoom: No.
    Responsive keyboard: I find it very responsive, all but the first letter from time to time.
  3. Bexy

    Bexy Well-Known Member

    I don't think just the first key from time to time would be too big of an issue for her. Bummer about the camera though :(. Although I'm sure there's apps which can do it? Which is an advantage of Android over her Cookie :p. I don't mind buying a camera app if it improves the xperiance (;)) for her as long as she's happier with it than the phone she's got at the moment. Her biggest issue, is actually the multi tap waiting time. She also hardly uses it for pics any more, mainly due to the lack of flash on it I think (as I said, her K770i didn't have zoom either but flash and she used it a hell lot more than she has the cookie camera).

    I'll see if I can get another look at one in the coming days. Hopefully she'll be with us at some point as well to take a look lol but always good to know the basics :).
  4. knudsen81

    knudsen81 Well-Known Member

    my x10 menu has a very good keyboard i think it's better then that on htc hero :D

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