Is the LED Flash only for Video Camera in the Inspire

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  1. TheNutKicker

    TheNutKicker New Member

    Basically when i use the camera to take pictures and turn LED Flash on (the thunderbolt icon) the flash does not turn on, however the exact moment i take the picture the flash turns on. But when i use the video recorder and use flash it always stays on.

  2. wrenhal

    wrenhal Active Member

    That's how it should work. Does your stand alone camera flash stay on all the time? Nope.
  3. MegaScooter

    MegaScooter Active Member

    It'll only stay on if you're in video camera mode. Using the still video capture, hold down the capture icon until you see the picture preview rather than tapping it briefly, it'll allow you to take low light pictures better since you're telling it to keep the lense active until the camera takes it.

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