Is the Legend future-proof?

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  1. DJSanjay

    DJSanjay Member

    Hi everybody!

    Do you think the HTC Legend is future-proof? I'm a HTC fan and am thinking of buying one soon. I love the looks of the phone. I think the specs are good too, but still behind Desire and the newer HTCs. I can't afford the Desire and haven't really found any other affordable Android phones that I like.

    I'm gonna buy the phone unlocked and want to use it at least for two years. Do you think I'm likely to encounter any major problems with app compatibility and performance because of Legend's hardware specs in that time? I'm concerned because Android develops so quickly and phones with newer and better specs keep coming out so often.

  2. DJSanjay

    DJSanjay Member

  3. staffsmatt

    staffsmatt Well-Known Member

    I would say a qualified no it's not. It depends a lot on what you want to do with it though... I've had mine for over a year now and I've not run into too many problems. The only time I notice mine lagging is when tasker is doing something in the background (like connecting to wifi) and I'm doing something else like typing an SMS, apart from that it's more than fast enough for me.

    However I don't use mine for multimedia / gaming or anything like that.

    If you want to always run the latest and greatest games then you will need one of the newer phones (to be honest with the speed that everything is going at the moment I don't think even the newest phone would be completely 2 years future proof).

    If you just want a decent android smart phone then you should be as happy with the legend as I am.
  4. DJSanjay

    DJSanjay Member

    Thank you for the informative reply Staffsmatt :) I'll use my phone just for calling, texting, music, browsing the web and watching a few videos now and then so I don't have to worry too much about the phone being future proof. I hardly ever play games on a phone so that's not a problem. For gaming, PCs all the way!! And I agree, at the rate that new Android phones are being made it's pretty hard to be up to date with the latest and greatest hardware. It sucks if you are on a budget.

    If the desire's price drops sometime soon I'll go for it, otherwise Legend looks like a good choice. By the way, have you run into any major problems with internal memory in the Legend with Froyo?
  5. staffsmatt

    staffsmatt Well-Known Member

  6. guyver_dio

    guyver_dio Well-Known Member

    I think you'll be pretty safe. I've had mine for awhile now and have played around with a lot of apps and I only had a compatibility problem once. It was an emulator that required pretty high end specs so providing support for older processors was pointless. Unless the app requires specific specs or high end specs usually they'll provide support for older phones and that's like 99% of apps.

    The only lag I've experienced with this phone is when you try and run an app that needs faster read times on the SD card like some games. Most apps run fine on the sd card but if I come across one that lags I just transfer it over to the phone's memory and it runs smooth.

    This phone is impressive for the price, it's run everything I've thrown at it.
  7. DJSanjay

    DJSanjay Member

    Thanks! The only thing about the Legend that turns me off is the difficulty of rooting it..
  8. DJSanjay

    DJSanjay Member

    Thanks! The only thing about the Legend that turns me off is the difficulty of rooting it..
  9. DJSanjay

    DJSanjay Member

    Thanks! The only thing about the Legend that turns me off is the difficulty of rooting it..
  10. dhutch

    dhutch New Member

    I've just stumbled on this thread as I, like the OP, and thinking of getting a basic smart phone but do not feel i can justify stretching the budget to the later models (even if could, i find the thought of carrying a

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