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  1. GerryAttrick

    GerryAttrick Member

    I have just bought an HTC Amaze to replace my Galaxy S2 that could not stand the rain. Its the only one I have seen in New Zealand - I got it via Hong Kong. The charging socket is different to the socket on my old HTC Desire and seems to be different to any of the other HTC phones available in NZ.

    The socket has a small locating lug on one side (I can't post images yet).

    I need to get a couple of USB to phone cables but I can't locate one in New Zealand.

    Any idea where I can get the correct one.

    Why can't there be just ONE standard for this type of socket? I have about 5 different chargers now and every one is different.

  2. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Well-Known Member

    HTC calls it an ExtMicro USB port. It has 12 pins, but is backward compatible with conventional 5-pin Micro-USB plugs.

    I have pictures of the port, and a full 12-pin adapter plug, here on Wikimedia.

    You can use a Micro-USB, but if you want to get the proper cables and chargers, get the T500 cable, and C500 car charger. There's lots more details and specific part numbers (at least for the US) over at XDA-Developers forums.

    N.B. HTC sells the cables and other accessories on their Euro stores. A company called Expansys, I think, also sells them. If you search for cables for the HTC Flyer and HTC Rezound, they also use the same unusual connector.
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  3. GerryAttrick

    GerryAttrick Member

    Thanks ChromeJob. I tried Wikipedia but never knew about Wikimedia. I'm loving this phone but its been a pain shuffling one charger around with the phone.

    Should be good to go now
  4. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Well-Known Member

    Wikimedia is simply the "commons" media repository for images that are free, or Creative Commons, or GPL licenses. They appear in Wikipedia as if they're in that wiki.

    You can use additional chargers, you simply need to find one that is 5V and 1000mA ... many are. What is tricky is that many are not configured correctly as an AC charger with D+ and D- shorted, so the phone may take a lower current charge (taking longer to top off) on such a charger. I ordered a Duracell DU8019 combo AC and car charger, the charger doesn't have the short in it, but the included cable does. A nice bargain considering the versatility.

    If shopping for a charger, I'd go for quality and not the cheapest you can find. Name brands should be okay, and if you buy it at a store with a generous return policy, if it turns out not to charge the phone quickly enough,... you can return it.
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  5. GerryAttrick

    GerryAttrick Member

    Thanks for all the advice ChromeJob - I now have a couple of chargers on their way and I'll have a hunt through my old chargers to see is I can find one there that will do the trick too. I have a couple of HTC ones that came with me Desire so hopefully they should be OK.

    I like to have a couple of chargers as I need one for work, one for home and a 3rd for our beach house..otherwise the phone always goes flat while the charger is elsewhere.

    Now all I need to do is sort out an issue with sending MMS and I'll be sweet....might be back here for some help on that one yet.
  6. JessSayin

    JessSayin Member

    I've been using the charger cord for my PC, and car charger from my Samsung Vibrant. Works just fine.
  7. GerryAttrick

    GerryAttrick Member

    Yes - I have been using my old HTC Desire cables and they work fine - I just wanted to get one (or two) of the correct ones. I have managed to get one after a lot of effort but it seems they are not readily available
  8. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Well-Known Member

    I've done further research, and been able to buy some of these on the Amazon market from sellers who are confirmed as having bona fide HTC products.

    The cable you're looking for is part number AC-T500, item number
    73H00389-11M. It's an Ext MicroUSB plug, like the 12-pin plug in the M500 HDMI adapter, but the charge cable only has the conventional 5 MicroUSB leads. I can't explain why, but this HTC cable provides more current on an HTC U250 charger (79H00098-26M, 79H00098-01M, 79H00095-xxx) than another good quality, third party MicroUSB cable.

    The car charger with the same Ext MicroUSB plug is an HTC CC-C500 (
  9. GerryAttrick

    GerryAttrick Member

    Many thanks for all your efforts ChromeJob,

    Its folks like you that make these forums what they are.

    I'll get a couple through Amazon -my Amaze did the ICS update last night, I think my phone was a T-Mobile originally although it was new and unlocked. The update went smooth as over Wi-Fi. Now to find out how I like ICS
  10. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Well-Known Member

    You're quite welcome. :)

    If you don't want the joy of discovering Sense 3.6 on your own, I have a thread called "Sense 3.6: the Good, the Bad, and the WTF" over on Android Central, listing many of the changes.

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