Is the New Galaxy 2 4G better than G2?General

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  1. isis67

    isis67 Member

    I love the Galaxy,
    but it seems to be the same as the G2 which I love. Is the Galaxy a better phone as far as speed on internet?

    I have a monthly plan and after 100mb on net it goes to 2G & i loose the 2G quickly lately & even when on wi fi.

    Thank you!


  2. notebooko

    notebooko Well-Known Member

    The G2 is an extremely old phone and everything is inferior to that of the SGS2. I can't say how your 3G and 4G speeds will be because it depends on your area but if you live in an area with 4G then you will be pleasantly surprised. On average, I get around speeds of 10 mbps download and 2 up in Atlanta. Ask around and see how the coverage is in your area for Sprint and make the decision for yourself. I will say this though, they say data is unthrottled until 2.5 GB (a big step up from your 100), but it seems they don't care and everyone is able to use internet without being throttled even after 2.5 gbs.
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