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Is the ray worth it?Support

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  1. Aiwa

    Aiwa New Member

    I'll be buying an Xperia Ray in one week and I was wondering, is it worth it?

  2. Jake-SonyXperia

    Jake-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    I would suggest checking reviews of the device or maybe going down to your local network store to view the device in person.
  3. firestarteruk

    firestarteruk Member

    For me it has been a great phone, although I wanted some specific things that other phones did not have, such as a slim phone width wise to fit my and, this phone is great has a very clear screen and it works. Fast. Down side for me, camera could be a tad better, its not bad but the Res and options could be improved. Otherwise its great, but read reviews, I could not find a bad one
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  4. firestarteruk

    firestarteruk Member

    Its great u won't be disappointed
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  5. Aiwa

    Aiwa New Member

    I have checked reviews, but I wanted to ask on here aswell.
    Thanks for the replies people. :thumbup:
  6. edsoneicc

    edsoneicc Member

    Yeah. I just got mine 2 days ago. I never did a research on that before buying it. I just bought it because the Xperia Play was out of stock at that time(and same price with Xperia Ray) lol. I'm very satisfied with my split second choice.

    +100000 points for Xperia Ray!

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