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Is the StraightTalk Samsung Galaxy S2 worth the purchase?

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  1. bibbastard

    bibbastard New Member

    I been reading a lot about the Galaxy S2, majority of the info is great, but my concern as is with anyone who is considering the purchasing of the phone, will they allow it to be updated to the current software update. What percentage of the phone is similar to the "Regular" unlocked phone. Will they be compensating for such and why do you think they made the decision to restrict it's abilities to do such. So the moral of the subject, is it or is it not a good purchase?

  2. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Theres one good thing about the straight talk s2. GSM...meaning its somehow unlockable if you ever decided to take it to another gsm carrier.

    I myself couldnt justify paying $350 for a phone though, but for the price it isnt too bad. All of the galaxy series phones have been nothing less than stellar. Ive owned the gs1 and gs2 and loved them both.

    Good luck with the gs2 if you decide to purchase it :)
  3. rudyy

    rudyy Active Member

    I've owned one for just less than 2 months. It's an excellent phone; fast and smooth.
    Unfortunately it's stuck on Gingerbread 2.3.6, and according to TracFone, it will not be upgraded.
    I posted questions about upgrading on Twitter, to both Straight Talk and TracFone, until TracFone finally answered. (My questions and comments probably annoyed them after awhile.)
    I thought I kept their response but I didn't.
    Frankly, all I really want is to root it but I've tried a half dozen methods, with no success.
    I have a Droid X on Ice Cream Sandwich, and a Nexus 7 on Jelly Bean. I'm cool with Gingerbread 2.3.6 on the Galaxy SII. Just want root to block ads.
    Hope this helps.

    Edit: to answer the question, no, I would not buy the SII again. I'd get an unlocked SIII and use it on Straight Talk.
  4. bibbastard

    bibbastard New Member

    If I were to buy the unlocked version of s3, will there be in software problems such as certain things not working or it "bricking", I want to be able to fully utilize every aspect of the phone without any problems on straight talk if I were to consider in purchasing it. If they would release the updates at a fair price on the locked s2 phone I would buy it.
  5. rudyy

    rudyy Active Member

    I don't think an unlocked SIII would be a problem, as long as, when you call Straight Talk, you tell them it's a bring-your-own-device account.
    I wish I had done that.
    As far as TracFone releasing updates, as I said, they told me there won't be any.
    Finally, please don't take my word regarding the SIII, as I don't have one, but others on this or other forums do, and on Straight Talk.
    Hope this helps.

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