Is the venice a renamed optimus l7?

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  1. Jakk

    Jakk Well-Known Member

  2. ghost915

    ghost915 Well-Known Member

    I hope someone will know something about this phone soon on how to root it. Mine will be here on Friday, got it on line for under 200 with shipping.
  3. Jakk

    Jakk Well-Known Member

  4. thermalpaste

    thermalpaste Well-Known Member

    The optimus and the venice are basicaly the same. If only we had a dev to tweak whats needed to get cwm and the root from the optimus l7 to work on the venice.
  5. Jakk

    Jakk Well-Known Member

    from what i have read the root works fine. it will just change your model number to no ill effect. i went with another phone so i can't guinea pig.

    maybe if you guys got a hold of a dev over there he could be persuaded to take a look.

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