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  1. Ive had a Samsung Prevail for over a year. I want an upgrade. Ive only found a few reviews for the zte warp sequent. Is that because there was a not major announcement about it at a Boost event? I mean I usually see tons of reviews for phones but only a couple for the sequent.

    It's my understanding that the first warp was awful. Is it a bad idea to buy a phone when it first comes out? my prevail is dying. I thought about the htc evo on virgin but dont like the antennae issues radio or texting issues. I hear Virgin is slower than Boost anyway. I thought about getting the Htc evo design but the way I see it wimax is spotty with only a few dark blues on the coverage map. the design has htc sense on it with a 1.2 ghz processer. the sequent is stock ics with a 1.4 ghz processer so my theory is that the sequent is better than the design because of a better processer & no sense to slow it down. I cant think of a better prepaid android for $200. But is my reasoning wrong? is the htc evo v still having radio & texting issues? Is the Sequent a good phone? Better than the design?

    Sent from my dying prevail

    Sent from my dying prevail

  2. QingWu

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    Here is a professional review from PC Mag, FYI.

    ZTE Warp Sequent (Boost Mobile) Review & Rating |
  3. Thanks. thats one of 2 or 3 ive seen. I just havent seen many reviews or much discussion on android sites/forums about it. I wonder if the sequent can run a playstation emulator. I'll try to find out this weekend after I buy the phone.
  4. xman95

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    Stay away from the professional reviews. I bought my original Warp almost 9 months after it was released and the professional reviews made it seem like a good phone. Once I ran into problems, I found this forum and learned of all the problems. I wish I came here first! Boost didn't have good Android phones at the time or at least a very small selection. Now they have so much more with even more on the way. Wait at least 3 months before buying this phone.
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  5. primetech

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    This is true. I never expected the Warp to have a jittery touchscreen or a wobbly camera with a bleaching flash. I didn't expect it to trip out when installing games that worked on the same processor and GPU on other phones. But there it was, the Warp was an excellent phone in specs only.

    I recently purchased the Sequent and while it looks like a million bucks from the front, it drags through most of the stock apps and the home screen especially, although it seems competent with games. Its rubberized back creaks when you press it in the wrong place. So yeah, I'd suggest something by HTC over ZTE, even if they've improved a little bit.
  6. kevindroid

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    htc in general makes better quality phones than htc. also there is the galaxy s 2
  7. Thanks for the advice. I couldnt justify spending more for wimax. Htc & samsung do produce better products as a whole. but I figured the samsung rush on boost would be a bit slow with a smallish screen & the evo v on virgin has too many issues. the warp has a bit better specs then the design with spotty wimax coverage. The first warp was garbage. I did make sure I spent an extra 30 at best buy. if anything goes wrong I can get a replacement phone.

    The new warp is a beast compared to the prevail. In my mom's apartment I got only a few bars the same as my prevail. if I step outside its better. internet is still fast without many signal bars. youtube works with 2 bars! adobe flash great. games are good. Im very impressed overall. Battery life is awful though. In my opinion the warp sequent is the best non wimax or 4g prepaid midrange device on the market. Part of this because it has ics which tastes better then gingerbread.
  8. In my opinion the warp sequent is better than the design because of the bump in specs. Wimax is spotty fast 3g at best for $100 more. the evo v would be better but not with the radio & texting issues. the galaxy s2 is obviously better but id buy 2 warps before buying one galaxy s2.
  9. rlphbgby

    rlphbgby Well-Known Member

    There you have it. You have it all figured out. Enjoy your new phone I do. I'm a YouTube watcher with the prevail I couldn't watch it sep for on WiFi. So I love the fact I can watch videos without being on WiFi and not have them stop. An my service is better I drive to Chicago 3 times a week with the prevail I kept getting dropped calls with this phone I can talk all the way there if I needed to.
  10. MT Rotor

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    My Evo v doesn't have issues...

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