Is There a BerryBuzz for the Androids?

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  1. RobertS975

    RobertS975 Member

    Is there an app that allows for repeated aural notification for incoming text messages, voicemails, missed calls etc similar to BerryBuzz?

  2. gadzooks

    gadzooks Well-Known Member

  3. JohnnyT

    JohnnyT Well-Known Member

    That is fantastic! I thought that moving over to Android from Blackberry would mean losing that capability and having to check every so often by looking at the screen itself.
  4. dbo

    dbo New Member

    It looks like the windows mobile "phoneAlarm" has been released for Android OS on 7/6/2011. That plus "Light Flow - LED Control" should give you what berrybuzz provides (I think).

    I use berrybuzz for oncall type paging for work and not having the configurable repeats like berrybuzz provides was a showstopper for me to switch phones.

    This just might be the solution I've been waiting for. :D
  5. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    I use Easy Reminder. It works well for me.
  6. dbo

    dbo New Member

    If you're only concerned with missed calls and unread messages (sms/mms), then Easy Reminder should work fine. BerryBuzz does so much more. For me, SMS and reminders on specific emails are important.
  7. kenglishj

    kenglishj New Member

    For all those viewing this thread still (as it is on the first page of a Google search), go to the bellshare company website, they have an area where you can vote on sugestions on improving their products, one of those is BeBuzz for android. Here is the URL:
    (or go to bellshare website, then click on feedback on the right side. BeBuzz for android is easiest accessed under "top")

    Best part is, no login or registration required, and hopefully with enough votes, they might make a port for it :D

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