Is there a Droid mail app that will leave the emails unread on server?

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  1. abbiejoy21

    abbiejoy21 New Member

    I'm a gmail user looking for a mail app that will:

    a) automatically leave emails I read on my phone as as "unread" on the server


    b) organize the emails by time of arrival instead of in this odd sort of conversation mode that seems to list the email conversations in the opposite order they took place

    Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated!

  2. olskool

    olskool Well-Known Member

    No need for app. Emails have tools to do wht you need. W/gmail for unread press menu then mark unread. To view oldest to newest (or vice /versa ) menu-more - settings then choose yer option.
    For yahoo all tools r on toolbar. If this helps, please remember the thanks button. Olskool.

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