Is there a Galaxy case that has 'Galaxy S2' on its back?Tips

  1. crewxp

    crewxp Member

    Is there a Galaxy case that has 'Galaxy S2' on its back? I thought I remember seeing a case that had it on the back. I personally like the look of the text logo and was wondering what case that was.

  2. MrBirmo

    MrBirmo Member

    There is a case that you can see the logo through the back. I was having a hard time finding a decent case and just got ANYTHING to protect the new phone for now. I bought one that is translucent smoke colored and I can see the logo - although it was not my intention. TPU-Cases High Gloss Translucent Smoke Flexible TPU Case & Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S II (Model SGH-i777) **ONLY FOR AT&T VERSION** (TPU-Cases Retail Packaging): Cell Phones & Accessories

    Looks to be out of stock. Might look around. I am not sure if there are other translucent cases?
  3. seanpr123

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