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  1. garybeck

    garybeck Well-Known Member

    I am considering a cliq2. i was looking at the keyboard and I don't see any kind of pointer device or mouse. Is there anyway to move a pointer on the screen on this phone? Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I still like to have a pointer.


  2. tattedman

    tattedman Well-Known Member

    Are you looking for a trackball or pointer pad? This phone doesn't have one.... the only phone i can think of that have the pointer is the mytouch. I personally hate those phones they are full of bugs. I know there are other phones that have them.. i just cant think of one off top of my head. The cliq 2 does have the directional arrows to move around with.... it reminds you of the old phones ie the en v2 in its functionality. I dont use the keys often as the screen is so respnsive on the cliq 2...... it maybe a change not to have a pointer but if thats the only draw back for you this is an amazing phone.... not alot of people have it yet....... but trust me you will enjoy this phone. Just get it and change the launcher to in a way disable moto blur.... the battery life is better than alot... i go atleast 12 hours on a batery charge and i use my phone alot maybe more than alot of people..... that is just IMO
  3. garybeck

    garybeck Well-Known Member

    thanks, I'm really just looking for any way to have a pointer on the screen that I can move around and click on things. perhaps I'm wrong, but sometimes there are small things I want to click on and and I want the precise control enabled with a pointer on the screen. I'm concerned that if my only way to click on something is to touch it on the screen, I won't have the precise control. I was looking at the regular Cliq also, and on the keyboard there looks to be some kind of pointer control like a trackball or something, but the cliq2 doesn't have seem to have this. I thought maybe one of those buttons at the bottom of the screen was a pointer control, but I guess not? how do those "directional arrows" you mention work? Is there an arrow on the screen you can move around and click on things? or are they arrows that move you to the next selectable item, like a tab?

    I'll be interested in changing the launcher like you said. How is that done? I read somewhere that you have to sign up for Blur to use the phone but I'm guessing there's a way to get around it. I'll be getting a used phone most likely so I might need to redo everything. Also I will be using this on a no-data account (using wifi only).

    this'll be my first android phone so I'm psyched. Still not sure about the cliq vs cliq2, i like the bigger screen and faster processor on the cliq2 but cost is an issue. it looks like i can get a cliq for less than $100 on ebay but it's going to be more like $200 or more for the cliq2, even used.
  4. tattedman

    tattedman Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry for late replay this weekend has been busy. The only cliq that has some kind of trackball is the tx and I hate that phone with a passion.... its stuck at 1.5 and the roms that update it are very buggy.

    I haven't personally used the original cliq but I have known people.... it looks as if the pointer you are looking at on the original cliq is the same as the cliq 2. it is just designed differently.... the directional keys make it so you can scroll up and down the page and also it moves to the next selection.

    I know you are worried about not being able to click on small items..... with the pinch to zoom it works great.... it zooms to enlarge. I used to be the same way with wanting some sort of pointers but when I got a android phone with a pointer I hated it....

    You do have to signup for moto blur... I have tried any which way to get around it but have yet to find a way. It has to do with the updates on the phone.....

    If you are using wifi only.... to sign up call t-mobile or the company that you are using and tell them you need the internet to beable to activate the phone they will turn it on and once you are down call them and tell them to turn it off.... I had to do this for one of the 2 cliq 2's I had... they didn't charge me. If they wont just use wifi......

    as for the launcher you would have to go to the android market (it will ask you to add your gmail account.) Then search for adw launcher or install it from .... of if you want the Regina 3D Launcher (I wouldn't recommend this one yet till I get it tweeted..)

    If you are planning on playing with the phone I would highly recommend going to Top Android Apps and Games in the Android Market | and installing both the appbrain app and the app installer. This will allow you to keep a record of what apps you have on your phone. It also allows you to install from there website.

    Once you install it click the home button and the launcher should be on your home screen.

    as for the choice of phones I would recommend the cliq 2 but thats just me.... its only been out since Jan..... I have never had a force close and never had it freeze.... also the cliq 2 is rumored to be updated to gingerbread (the latest version of android) at some point.

    This is the best phone I have had..... yes it doesn't have alot of activity but there are other forums.... it does get a bad rep cause of the blur but get rid of that its still an amazing phone.

    If you have any questions about the phone post it in the forums or pm me..... also I am working on a blog that deals with the phone there is a link in my sig..... it has a list of all the apps I have on my phone....

    I hope this helped you. android is an amazing os.
  5. sookieball

    sookieball Well-Known Member

    I recomend a bounty!

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