Is there a program to merege videos?

  1. S5mk

    S5mk New Member

    Hello guys..

    Is there a program to merge two videos in the Android Market?

  2. Not sure about on the phone, but it would be much easier to do this from a pc.
  3. S5mk

    S5mk New Member

    thanks sitlet.. but I want to take videos then merging them to upload it to the internet in same time and location without any need to PC. So I asked for a program to do that in the phone.
  4. No there isnt.
  5. chili_w

    chili_w Member

    I used the youtube testtube feature. You could do it from your phone if you had to. Surprising there is no type of video editing tool.
    I also just found and installed vidtrim from the market. It won't let you merge but will let you clip the ends. I know that's not what you asked for just letting you know since it's fairly new.


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