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  1. Befuddled

    Befuddled New Member

    When I use the LaunchPro Contacts icon for the Contacts List, it brings up the default top left Contacts tab for creating a contact. (Groups, History, and Activities are tabs to the right of Contacts.) My Gmail contacts synced correctly with the phone, but they are under the Groups tab and listed below Family, Friends, Work, and Not Assigned in the Googles option. It seems cumbersome to tap Contacts on the Home Page, then the Groups tab and the Google option to locate my contacts. Is there a way to default to the Google list when I tap Contacts on the Home Page?

  2. adaaaam

    adaaaam Well-Known Member

    My Google Contacts are listed on the Contacts list, as should yours. Goto the Contacts List, hit your Menu button, tap "Accounts" and make sure Background data and Auto-sync are checked, and under manage accounts, is listed, with Sync is ON. Click your account and make sure all checkmarks are checked.
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  3. Befuddled

    Befuddled New Member

    I believe the problem was solved, and I was too quick to post the question. When I sent my older phone's contact list via Bluetooth to the new phone, the Intercept added all the contacts and merged them with the Google contacts. I now can access all the contacts with one-touch of the Contacts icon.

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