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Is there a solution for the texting character limit?General

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  1. This is the only phone I've had that only allows you to send one message at a time. It's pretty frustrating, so I thought I'd solve the problem by downloading a third party messenger app. I've tried both Handcent and ChompSMS and every time I send a multi-text message (as in one over 160 characters) it just sends garbage to the recipient. Like unreadable, random symbols. Any solutions?

  2. hi-tech34

    hi-tech34 Active Member

    Try GoSMSPro. It works great for me.
  3. the1who

    the1who Well-Known Member

    You have to set handcent up for splitting messages correctly.

    I have in the split message setting for 160, split by word and add counter, and has worked just fine since.
  4. Djleal

    Djleal New Member

    Both GoSmS and HandCent have an option for CDMA networks so that it spilts the messages after 160 characters. Just enable that and it works perfect.

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