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Is there a way to have specific contacts' ringer override the SILENT profile setting?Support

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  1. serpentine009

    serpentine009 Well-Known Member

    This would be great for me. My wife is spending some time with her mother, and I am about an hour away. I want to be able to have my phone on SILENT but have her calls or text override that setting so I hear them. My fear, is that if there is an emergency with our kids or anything like that in the middle of the night, she won't be able to reach me.

  2. Excedio

    Excedio Well-Known Member

    What app are you using to set your profiles? Will make it easier to research, test, & answer.
  3. NoShftShck16

    NoShftShck16 Well-Known Member

    I have the same question, I use Timeriffic to control a lot of my phones features by Time...I just wish it had contact exceptions added in
  4. serpentine009

    serpentine009 Well-Known Member

    I use PROFILE.
  5. cdandrews

    cdandrews Active Member

    This is a great question! I have been wanting something like this for that exact reason. Hopefully someone will be able to point us in the right direction.
  6. jiggaDROID

    jiggaDROID Well-Known Member

    I am curious about the ability to do this well. I'm currently just using the stock setup for tones and people configuration. I hadn't tried using a third party app yet though.
  7. wannainc

    wannainc Well-Known Member

    I used setting profiles and I'm pretty sure I was able to set a condition for contacts.,.,to do exactly what you want. I havent used it in a month+ because I had to get a new Inc and havent reprogrammed it on my new one but I'm pretty sure thats what I did in case of emergency at night....
  8. Poodge

    Poodge New Member

    I have been looking for this exact thing. I searched about 10 different combinations of words, clicked and read about dozens of apps, and installed and uninstalled about 4 or 5. Finally I found exactly what I wanted!!! It's called Emergency Calls by Dor Naveh. It does 2 things: firstly, it allows you to select whether you want to override silent mode if someone calls repeatedly, and you can select how many times they have to call in a row before it goes to the ringer. Secondly, it allows you to select any of your contacts (and however many you want, from what I can tell) to override silent mode. Both of these things can be turned on and off easily. And best of all, like most Android apps worth having, it's FREE!!
    Emergency Calls | AndroidApplications.com
  9. cdandrews

    cdandrews Active Member

    sweet! this looks like is exactly what i want.
  10. sachst

    sachst New Member

    You should look at Smart Silencer. It is on the android market for 99 cents.

    Here is the text on it. It works great

    Smart Silencer allows you to select contacts that are able to ring through while all other contacts or non-contact numbers get silenced. This includes phone calls to text messages (optional). All silenced call history and text messages remain intact. Smart Silencer may be turned on and off manually or on a configurable time schedule. The status of Smart Silencer can be viewed on the top of your phone at all times.
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