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Is there a way to set individual ringtones for various contacts?Support

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  1. Iqoniq

    Iqoniq Active Member

    I'm just wondering whether there is any way that I can set individual ringtones for my contacts? There are a few people I answer the phone to everytime they ring and a few that I decide can wait until I can call them back, usually when I'm driving. As it's against the law to be messing with your phone while driving, I'm just wondering whether it's possible to set the ringtone to contacts individually so I know that I need to pull over and speak to them as opposed to having to check who is calling.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. h0odlam

    h0odlam Well-Known Member

    An app called Ringo Pro. awesome app. you can set any mp3 as a ringtone and for different contacts. I use this with another app called Ringdroid as a combination. Ringdroid can crop any section of the mp3 for custom tones and use Ringo Pro to set it to individual contacts. be careful not to get the settings mixed up though.
  3. Iqoniq

    Iqoniq Active Member

    Thanks for the fast response. I've gone with Ringo Lite as it's free (yes I'm a cheapskate), but managed to get it to work with the MP3s I want it to :) It's just a shame that this feature wasn't included as it is with many other phones.

    Once again, thanks for the help :)
  4. h0odlam

    h0odlam Well-Known Member

    no problem
  5. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    From what I can gather, this is a way to do it without the need for an app to do it for you.

    Make the following folder on your SD card
    copy your personal .mp3's into this folder (ones that you want to use as ringtones)
    Reboot your phone

    Android 1.5 cupcake
    Goto contacts
    Select contact required
    Press menu/options button (left above answer call)
    Select edit contact
    Scroll to bottom of list
    Second item from bottom is 'Ringtone' Press this and select your ringtone.

    Android 2.1 eclair
    Goto contacts
    Select contact required
    Press menu/options button
    Select options (not edit contact)
    Select 'ringtone' option
    Pick a ringtone. (assigned ringtone is shown under the ringtone option)
  6. Iqoniq

    Iqoniq Active Member

    Ah, cheers for this one Xplosiv, it means I can now dump another app off the phone to free up space. :D
  7. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    No worries
  8. nailz

    nailz Active Member

    add ringtones to;


    for them to show up in the list. If you dont have the folder just create it.
  9. atremorer

    atremorer New Member

    I've created the folder for ringtones and they show up perfectly in the sound and display settings. It won't, however, let me choose a ringtone for a contact.

    I looked in the contacts and there is no ringtone option at the bottom of the contact.

    I went through the music player, and chose to assign the mp3 file to a contact. It seemed like this would work, but when the contacts list comes up all I see are AT&T contacts.

    If I search for the name of a contact, it will be found. However, when I click on it it does not attach the ringtone to it. It will only do it for the AT&T contacts.

    Any thoughts?

    Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) - Android 2.1
  10. AliKelSea

    AliKelSea New Member

    Hi, I'm running into the same problem. I'm surprised it isn't simpler to to this...
  11. Shaunnnnnnnnnna

    Shaunnnnnnnnnna New Member

    ok so i had the same problem. if u set the selected ringtone as your default tone and then change i straight back to your previous ringtone the selected tone will now appear in the list of tones available when you go to edit you contact.
  12. androidatlanta

    androidatlanta New Member

    I'm running 2.1 on my Samsung Captivate and I don't see Options when I press the menu / options button. I just see Edit - Delete - Link Contact - Mark as Default - Send namecard via.

    Am I missing something?
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  13. Dimabear85

    Dimabear85 New Member

    No you are not missing anything. Its just the way they sold our phones, you have to install an app.
  14. behouck

    behouck New Member

    I just discovered a workaround for adding ringtones to contacts on the Galaxy S without needing an App. OK, discover may be a stretch but I have not found any other site that has these steps.

    Note that there are three types of contacts: SIMM, Phone and anything you sync from programs such as Outlook/Exchange. Apparently, the phone only supports custom ringtones on on "Phone Contacts". So if you want a special ringtone for any other contact it seems as if you are SOL but this is what I found works (sorry for providing such verbose directions):

    1. Go to your Contacts list.
    2. Go to "Menu", then "Create" and select a "Phone" Contact. Create a contact with the same name as the non-phone contact you want the custom ringtone for.
    3. Add the same phone numbers to the Phone contact that are in your non-phone contact. It did not choke as I would have expected it to do having the same number twice in the system. I haven't personally tried this but I suppose that you can make multiple Phone Contacts - one for each number that you want a different ringtone on...
    5. Add a personal ringtone to the Phone Contact and then save the contact.
    6. Navigate to the non-phone contact and open it.
    7. Pan down to the "Linked Contacts" section and click on it.
    8. Select the "Add linked contacts" button.
    9. Because the Phone contact has the same same, it should appear in a short list. Just add it to the linked contacts list and the rest is automatic. If it is not there, then select "Show all contacts" and find it.

    Good luck and I hope this helps!
  15. 5th

    5th New Member

    If you have a mp3 in your music list, play that or select it, select menu, use as ringtone.

    Hope that helps...
  16. Soheil

    Soheil New Member

    If you want to select different ringtones on Samsung Galaxy for each contact (like other phones) you should copy your contacts on the phone at first. then you should go to the contacts>more>display options>Phone (under choose contacts to display tab) and check all then to the Sim and unckeck all contacts. Now if you select any contact and go to edit, you may select any ringtone on the phone or else.
  17. ncvrodracer

    ncvrodracer New Member

    Hi there, just got a Samsung Galaxy S, setting up my contacts. on the ringtone option there is not a No Ringtone option... How do I go about getting one so that when certain people calls the phone does not ring? I had this on my blackberry lol..
  18. sunya

    sunya New Member

    Is there an app to where i can set up my cell phone to play different songs when it rings?? it would be nice to hear different songs when the phone rings..
  19. simomatra

    simomatra New Member

    1.Download music music
    2.Select music
    3.Select music for ring tone hold down
    4.Select set as, caller ring tone
    5.Select person from list then save
  20. LibraDuchess

    LibraDuchess New Member

    Thanks so much; I just received my FIRST smartphone in January, and I am so amazed by what I can do. I have put down my nook, camera, GPS, and MP3 player. My phone is my lifeline! LOL
  21. cfsocrmom

    cfsocrmom New Member


    worked like a charm on my Pantech Breakout, super easy...thanks

  22. hdeg2007

    hdeg2007 New Member

    I just got my Galaxy S 4G and found that you need to go to groups within contacts to change ringtones for specific contacts. go to contacts then to groups tab then you will see the groups, Family Friends, and Work, select the group you put your contact in, say family, then tap the contact you want to set, then hit the menu key at the bottom, tap edit, then scroll to ringtones. I had the hardest time trying to change this and finally was able to. Hope this can help someone.

  23. Jablonpa

    Jablonpa New Member

    I have set custom ringtones for my contacts on galaxy S3 but when a call comes in, it plays the default ringtone. Help!!!!

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