Is there a way to turn screen saver off on Map screen?

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  1. boostm3

    boostm3 Active Member

    I use my Epic 4g on my motorcycle via a fork stem mount.. I would like to go riding into parts unknown, however I find it very annoying that I cannot keep the screen on for more than 10 minutes.. The problem is that when the screen goes dark for screen saving, my fingers, blocked by motorcycle gloves, dont register on the touch display.

    Short of pulling over every 10 minutes to take my glove off one hand simply to swype the screen to bring back the map I was viewing, I cant seem to find a way to resolve this issue.

    If Im using google Nav, the screen Will stay on all the time, however, I cant find a way to use Nav without entering a specific destination, which kind of defeats the purpose of traveling into unknown areas, but keeping a map alive so you have an idea how to get back once you decide to do so.

    I dont imagine there is an 'explore' mode to enter, so does anybody have any ideas? Again, the goal is to keep the screen lit for as long as I like, so that a map, either Google Maps or NAV will show me where I am, via GPS, so that I can make turn choices and have everything refresh as I do so, WITHOUT going into screen saver mode. BTW, I do have my phone attached via a usb cable to the battery so I dont run out of juice when using it this way.


  2. annebrooks64

    annebrooks64 Well-Known Member

    I've just come across an app in the play store called wake lock power manager that is supposed to override the screen time out/ lock. I haven't tried it out yet though so don't know how good it is.
  3. boostm3

    boostm3 Active Member

    Looks good.. Thanks!

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