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  1. AngusTheRat

    AngusTheRat New Member

    Hey. I just got a Droid Incredible and I have a pair of woodees earbuds with wired mic. When I try to use the mic during a call or with the voice recorder all I get is a feedback like squeal. I know the mic works cuz I can use it to make skype calls and record memos on my iPod touch. Was wondering if maybe there is setting in the phone for the wired mic? I get the wired mic icon when I plug them into the phone...

  2. AngusTheRat

    AngusTheRat New Member

    Well, it appears that not all 3.5mm jacks are created equal. Contacted HTC customer support with a pic of the plug and they saw no reason for it not to work. I then tried it on a friends Incredible with the same result, then tried it on a friends iPhone and it worked perfectly! This leads me to believe they are only compatible with apple products, even tho the Woodees web site and the box they came in claim they have "mic support for all iPhones and smart phones" :rolleyes:

    Oh well, guess I'm off to search for another pair of phones that might work. Anyone tried the ones sold by HTC? Any good? Thanks.

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