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is there an app that can calculate your current altitude?

  1. tamzid

    tamzid New Member

    Need a app that can do that... google earth for the pc gave good elevation based on where u placed your mouse on the map.... the map function unfortunately doesn't or if so... don't know how to access it :(

  2. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    Google has not released a Google Earth for Android yet. I figure they will at some point.
  3. ezcheese15

    ezcheese15 Member

    Try using Instamapper. It gives your current latitude, longitude, speed, heading, altitude, accuracy, and # of satellites. I've had it installed for about a day and a half so far and it seems to work really well.
  4. semach.the.monkey

    semach.the.monkey Active Member

    orienteer does pretty much the same thing.

  5. ezcheese15

    ezcheese15 Member

    True, I've got that installed as well. I like instamapper though because it actually tracks you and you can share your location with others either via facebook or an embedded map on a webpage.

    But for simply getting the altitude, orienteer probably is the better program. I just forgot about it :)

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