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Is there an app that will give different audio for texts and emails

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  1. diodetriode

    diodetriode New Member

    New to this forum, so please excuse any errors in protocol. I have a samsung GT- S 5690 and would like to have the facility to distinguish the difference between an email and text audio warning. Just wondering if anyone had any knowledge of such an app. thanks in advance.

  2. NGD1

    NGD1 Well-Known Member

    hello diodetriode there are several applications that fit what you are looking for
    1. you can download an application known as ZEDGE from google play.
    2. you can find any 3rd party email/text application like k9, or go SMS pro, and they have individual settings for notification sounds.
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  3. diodetriode

    diodetriode New Member

    Thanks for that NGD1 a great help thanks
  4. diodetriode

    diodetriode New Member

    It is probably me, I downloaded Zedge and can see all the different sounds and ringtones, but I don't see a method of assigning one notification sound to emails and a different one for texts. I have looked in settings etc. but it just seems to give just one option for notifications.
  5. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    Does each app not give you the choice of notification method?

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  6. diodetriode

    diodetriode New Member

    Hi Dave, the app doesn't seem to have that facility, however I thought that by going into settings and notifications I would be able to select either emails or texts, but that doesn't seem to bee the way my phone works. It seems that notifications sets by default both the email and text notification. but if you select texts and then settings you can then alter the notification tone for texts. So really it was my fault for not looking in the right place. Thanks for your input.

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