Is There Any Way To Remove the Annoying VM Start-Up Splash Screen?Support

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  1. nathanbrand

    nathanbrand Member

    Is there a way to remove the Virgin Mobile animated start-up splash screen without rooting your phone?

    Even if I could just delete the sound file, it would be an improvement.

  2. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    sorry no :( this is a root only type of thing. if it bothers you that bad and you dont want to root you could make sure you put your phone on vibrate before you shut it down that way you wont hear the sound at least.
  3. superboy4444

    superboy4444 Well-Known Member Developer

    look at the reverbs all things root thread and you will find out how in sure your device is rooted though or else it is not possible, right now I have the droid incredible boot sound set and I like it a lot
  4. JediJDC777

    JediJDC777 Member

    Install the App - Silent Boot; that will take care of the sound anyway.

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