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Is there anyway to import saved visual boy advance files to my android app Gameboid?

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  1. narbat1

    narbat1 New Member

    I used to play Pokemon on my computer with the Gameboy emulator Visual Boy Advance, I got an android no long ago and I bought the full version of Gameboid... is there anyway to import my saved games from my pc to my phone?

    Thanks :)

  2. recurvehunter

    recurvehunter New Member

    I was wondering the same thing.
    I did a little playing around and discovered that the gameboid emulator uses .sav files while visualboy uses .sgm save types... unless there is a way to convert a .sav file to .sgm i do not believe that it is possible. (Merely changing the file extension does not work, i tried it.)
  3. narbat1

    narbat1 New Member

    I already discovered a way to do it.
    I did it a while ago though so I don't really remember the exact details of how to do it, but I could try it again and post the steps once I remember....
  4. kurotori

    kurotori New Member

    I know - this comes quite late - but I have found out how to convert .sgm to .sav

    open VisualBoyAdvance - load your rom - load your .sgm file
    - File - Export - Battery File...
    the exported file is now .sav!

    Hope this helps all those who google this question (like I did)

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