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Is there Seperate Address Book app that lets you make Multiple addy books?

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  1. Etrit

    Etrit New Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 10, 2009
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    So here is my deal, I'm running 2 businesses and am a volunteer coordinator for 3 non-profs and I of course have seperate email addresses and address books for every one of them. (I'm talking like 300+ contacts a piece in these address books)!

    Not all of the email address are Google..

    Is there any contact mangers/address book app that would do the following:

    1) That is totally separate from the phone's contact list
    2) Let me have totally separate address books(or even groups) where all the contact info is NOT included in some big pile.. ever.
    3) Import from a .csv or whatever...

    Basically I need Mozilla -Thunderbird's address book for the Droid.

    If only I could get the non-profs to use mailinglists! (Then again, the vast majority of people now days just block them.. *sighs*)



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