Is this a scam - Galaxy S I9000 for sale already??Support

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  1. snowboarder1087

    snowboarder1087 New Member

    Alright so... check these out...
    Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Smartphone Unlocked for Sale in Arifwala |
    Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Smartphone Unlocked ad in Punjab, Mobiles / Phones classifieds For Sale Pakistan Classified Ads Free Classifieds -

    I sent the seller an e-mail letting him know I'm interested in the Galaxy I9000 and asked if I can pay with Paypal below is his reply... (my question is this a scam?)


    Hello Philip.

    Thanks to your swift mail response.

    Regarding your order about the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Smartphone Unlocked.

    Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Smartphone Unlocked..$350usd

    Yes we understand your plight, and we can see the reason why you are scared all because of safe transaction.

    I will like you to know that the price given to you is a promotional sales price for the EASTER sales, and will End on the 14th of April, after that date we will sell it for 600 USD..

    Note : It is Brand new in Factory sealed in Box, with complete full accessories in BOX.

    1 year international warranty - 90 days return policy ( if not OK by you ).

    Our website is : Coming Soon!

    But is is currently under upgrading because our site operator wants to upload new pictures and specs of new products on it..

    About our company...

    Here is the details and Address ::

    Sansu Electronics

    Address : Lot 3.02 Aras 3, Megoplex.

    Perak Darul Ridzuan.


    Zipcode : 31350


    Tel : +601967640000
    Fax: +601968200000

    We are Registered and Legit company under Malaysia GCV.

    we have been dealing for long term with good company Records..

    All we can do for you is if only you can pay 50% upfront of the Phone, and when you get the Phone and you check on it, you send to us balance payment of 50%..

    So 50% will be $175 usd and on delivery balance also will be $175 usd.


    Transaction Process:

    * After payment is successful, you the customer will receive email confirmation of the sale. Your invoice.
    * After payment has cleared, you will receive notification of your tracking number for your shipment.
    * 2-4 days to ship your product.

    So there fore Kindly get back to us with your full delivery details if ready such as...

    Receivers Name of Product....???
    Full Address....???
    Zip Code.......???
    Contact Number.......???

    We therefore await your speedy reply to proceed to tagging and labeling towards registration for shipment without further delay.

    Regards and God Bless...

    Spencer Rull.

    Sales MG

    Sansu Electronics
    Lot 3.02 Aras 3, Megoplex
    Perak Darul Ridzuan
    Zipcode : 31350
    +601967640000 Coming Soon!

  2. Ahmed Alzayani

    Ahmed Alzayani Active Member


    1. It uses a payment method that you can't get a refund from it.. should the seller didn't ship the product "WESTERN UNION / BANK WIRE / MONEY GRAM ONLY."

    2. CAPITALIZATION, grammars and spelling mistakes.

    3. The full price of Galaxy S is between USD 650 to 750 and it will not be available until the end of May. see Buy a Samsung Galaxy S Android Smartphone (8GB), #SGH-I9000BLK8_UK - eXpansys UAE

    4. The same seller , sell electronics about 50% of there real price! like the Apple Ipad Tablet 64Gb for $400 where Apple sell it for $700 !
  3. carotech

    carotech New Member

    This is the same scam these guys use when selling puppets online ... They sell you dogs for a fraction of the price, but of course, all the merchandise does not exist.

    Careful !
  4. thats a scam i know someone who got ripped off by a similar website
  5. maxrod

    maxrod New Member

    hey did you try it? I saw and adv similar to yours now I was looking for reviews of that shop and this showed up. I also received an email here it is:
    Dear Sir / Ma, Maximilano

    Thanks for your inquiry on our products ( New Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Smartphone Unlocked US Version ) .

    Brand New : Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Smartphone Unlocked US Version $400

    Price is Inclusive with Shipping Cost

    Buy 3 get 1 free

    The product is original ,comes with complete accessories and comes with 1 year warranty & 90 days return and refund Policy.

    We make shipment through UPS and we deliver within 36 - 48 hours to buyers address after payment.

    We accept payment through Bank Wire Transfer / Western Union and all shipment details will be forwarded to buyers once payment and shipment is being done.

    So all you need to do now is get back with the below details :

    Full Name ( Package Receivers Name ) ??????
    Full Purchase Order ( How many of the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S do you want to buy ) ?????
    Full Shipping / Delivery Address ???????
    Personal Contact Number????

    With all these details , we will be able to process your order so that it can be registered for shipment.

    Awaiting soonest reply.


    Here is the details and Address ::

    Sansu Electronics

    Address : Lot 3.02 Aras 3, Megoplex.

    Perak Darul Ridzuan.


    Zipcode : 31350


    Tel: +6019999400
    Fax: +6019682000

    really similar to yours but without the website info and so. I really dont get it, its too good to be real....
  6. Alieno

    Alieno Well-Known Member

    100% scams
  7. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member


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