is this coming to att??

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  1. danny662boy

    danny662boy Active Member

    just wondering if this will be coming to att?????? im at a toss up between getting the atrix? or the nexus s??? any opinions?? thanks

  2. B2L

    B2L Well-Known Member

    The att version should be coming out pretty soon. Didn't it just recently pass through the fcc? And that's a tough choice it all depends if you want the latest stock version of android, or if you want something with the latest and greatest specs, with MotoBlur, and don't really care about having the latest version of android. Both are great phones, my friend just bought an Atrix and it's an awesome phone. But Imo MotoBlur isn't worth it, although rooting would solve that problem.
  3. danny662boy

    danny662boy Active Member

    ok , ya im not really too familiar with "rooting" or what that means, but i have been looking into the atrix, im not due up for a phone until april, but i really dig the nexus s... i guess i'll wait it out, and then mess around with each phone hopefully when the time comes... just doing some "pre-search" before
  4. Lovenexus

    Lovenexus Member

    The nexus is already a beautiful phone and getting the updates first is a plus. But, the atrix is a great phone as well..with its dual core goodness and all but IMO, I'd rather do the nexus. I envy having the latest android platform and new phones are going to continue at a rate faster than you can pick and choose. Look at the nexus one, its still a great phone to this day even though its predecessor is out, its ahead in the android software than most smartphones that just came out. I prefer a phone up to date than have a phone thats gonna have something come out 3 months after it and make it yesterdays phone. Just my opinion
  5. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    Except that Motorola devices are tough to root or more so custom rom due to the bootloader it has so be sure to be happy with Motoblur if anyone goes with atrix. IMO Atrix is too much and Nexus S is the perfect Android as its not trying to be anything other than what it is. Atrix was hyped up for its abilityto become a laptop with a dock without what do you have? a dual-core device whose OS does not even take advantage of? A 4G device that can't even go past T-mobile 3G speeds? I mean come on... Nexus S just works and is absolutely stunning, its a shame most don't have it. Then again most not having it is great as I like having an exclusive device.

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