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Is this feature available?

  1. rzunig1

    rzunig1 Member

    Hi there,
    New to the forums and new to our Motorola droids (wife and I).

    I was wondering if there is a shortcut to show you what apps/tasks you have running, and allows you to easily switch between them?
    Currently, I just hit the home button to get out of one app/task and then switch to the screen with the app I want, and click on the app/task. I imagine there is an easier way via a key or shortcut that will pop up my open apps and allow me to choose which one to go to.
    Am I dreaming? I figure with all the talk of the droid being a multitasker, I figure there would be an easy way to switch between tasks.



  2. If you hold down the home button, it will show your recently used apps, but not ALL running apps. Once you hit the home or back button, an app goes into a "standby" mode, where its not running. Its still in the cache, but not using any resources. Of course, for apps that continue to run in the background, say music apps, those will continue to run until you actually exit them.
  3. rzunig1

    rzunig1 Member

    Ok, so it sounds like there is no real easy shortcut to switch between running apps, like yahoo messenger, skype, browser, etc.
    I appreciate the response.
  4. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

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