Is this Gravity Smart the same as the Galaxy Q here in Canada?General

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  1. pchemerys

    pchemerys Active Member

    I was advised in another post here that my samsung galaxy q (SGH-T589R) is actually canadas version of this gravity this true? Cuz im having a very hard time find proper info on this phone anywhere to flash roms/kernel, etc... if anyone knows if this is true please advise or if u know where i can get help or info on this phone and how to flash roms or kernels..its froyo 2.2.2 and ive rooted it..thanks

  2. pchemerys

    pchemerys Active Member

    Now that I've got that info and that this Samsung Galaxy Q is Canada's version of the Gravity Smart, I need HELP to get CUSTOM ROMS/KERNALS for it! and if/how to oc the phone..some say yes it can been done (with stock kernal) and others say no... I need to confirm if and how.. I've been trying to flash the rom for days now..but cant get it done and finding any custom roms for this phone is very hard! Anyone know where to find customs roms for this phone? and what they are capable of...


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