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  1. AppleUser

    AppleUser Well-Known Member

    Hi. I have an LG Motion on MetroPCS and it's been working fine, but the screen is damaged. To replace this Motion is $100, and the LG F6 is $200.

    Has anyone here tried both of these models ? If so please compare and contrast them so a decision can be made between these two models.

    The F6 on MetroPCS has much less internal memory compared to the Motion. Can this really be overcome by using an SD card and still get the same performance as if the memory were internal ? Can the same SD card be used for backing up the data while it also has the apps and other data which would normally reside in the internal memory ? Or does one replace the SD card when doing a backup, such as with Super Backup app ?

    How's the call quality, speakerphone, and camera on the F6 ? Does one get better reception and/or a wider coverage area because the F6 is GSM ?

  2. CuzierLTE

    CuzierLTE Member

    Hey there. I made an account just so I could respond to you. My previous phone was the LG Motion and I upgraded to the LG Optimus F6 and, I must admit, I do NOT regret that decision at all.

    The LG Motion served me well, VERY WELL, and I don't consider it a bad phone at all. For what you pay for it, it is far, far, far above the other phones out there in performance. In fact, it's Quadrant Standard score is better than the F6. But as someone posted on another site, this is partially because the smaller screen and pixel density gives artificially inflated numbers.

    The screen real estate took a little getting used to, but now when I hold my Motion it feels small, looks tiny, and feels heavy. The difference in the screen resolution wasn't noticeable to me till after I had my F6 about a week. Then I noticed how bad the Motion's screen was. For reference, the entire size of the Motion is about the size of the F6's screen. It's very bright, you can read it sunlight, and colors are much more vivid.

    Storage space is an issue I must admit. There is a particular 1 gb app I wish I could install on this phone but I don't have the space for it. Other than that ONE app though, there is plenty of room for the basic apps and day to day stuff with the phone. If you download a lot or take lots of pictures, this phone takes up to a 32 gb microSD (which is what I have) and you can move downloaded apps from the phone memory to the SD card.

    Call quality is FREAKING UNREAL! This is the best cell phone I've ever had for phone calls HANDS DOWN! Plain and simple. Speakphone is still kinda meh (just like with the Motion) but if you ask me the camera (while still being only 5 MB) is a step up. The Back Side Illumination really makes a difference with indoor picture taking. I had to use my flash indoors on the Motion. No longer with this phone. As for reception, I've noticed a huge improvement for data but the change for phone reception wasn't as noticeable. Probably because I'm in the Bay Area of California.

    If you are in an area that has LTE coverage thru T-Mobile, just the internet speed alone will make your eyes pop. I average a whopping 27.42 Mbps download and 10.21 Mbps upload on this phone while on LTE. My Motion did about 6 to 8 on download and 3 to 4 on upload. The speed difference is super noticeable (I download apps very very quickly now).
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  3. AppleUser

    AppleUser Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for making a new account just to reply. The internal memory is indeed a concern as posted here:

    and will repeat the post here because it's a pivotal point and if proper transfer and setup cannot be done on the F6, will simply stay with the Motion. I've backed up ALL of Motion to one SD card using Helium, and ALL the data to another SD card using SuperBackup and another SD card using the standard BackUp program which comes with the phone:

    How can one change over from the Motion to the F6 since the internal memory in the F6 is so much less than the Motion ? I have ALL the data from my Motion backed up on an SD card by two Apps, but the reduced memory of the F6 won't accept it back as a restore (from Helium or Super Backup or BackUp). Can one restore to the same SD card on which the backup resides then continue using the new with the 32GB internal card in place ?
  4. kerrywebb68

    kerrywebb68 Member

    Have you checked out the L9? It's a really nice phone but the internal storage is still a concern. Just my 2 cents
  5. CuzierLTE

    CuzierLTE Member

    I have a coworker who has the L9 and it's a step down overall. His battery drains over halfway after about 2 hours of solid use, slower processor, also it uses the HSPA+ system and not the LTE, so about half the speed. Internal storage also seems to be a problem on that phone as well.

    Screen resolution is the same, though the phone is the slightest bit bigger. The camera also seems like a step down.
  6. rotor nuts

    rotor nuts New Member

    find out if the metropcs f6 and your apps allow apps2sd natively. if so you "should" be ok.
    i have a tmo l9 running a metropcs rom with apps2sd enabled.
  7. rotor nuts

    rotor nuts New Member

    my l9 had good battery life until the jelly bean update. a hard reset fixed that problem. results may vary...

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