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is this normal? phone doesn't know it's own number...Support

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  1. snorge

    snorge Well-Known Member

    This is probably a dumb question but this is my first phone that uses a sim card. If I go to settings and status for phone number it says unknown. On my previous Android phone with verizon it knew my number. The google voice app doesn't seem to be able to read my number either but the phone itself seems to work fine.

  2. wildblue

    wildblue Well-Known Member

    Mine's the same. I stopped in a TMO store and they said some of their other phones show the same thing. They claimed it's "normal", and shouldn't cause any problems.
  3. sabooher

    sabooher New Member

    I forget the menu option on the Vibrant to allow this since I returned mine and haven't replaced it yet. But I was able to edit the phone number for the SIM card. Something called the MSISDN1/My Profile entry from what I remember. TMO support should be able to help you with that.

    Or an even easier way is to edit the number of the SIM on a Blackberry. :) I had to do that last year when they replaced my SIM card in the store.
  4. RWhittier

    RWhittier Member

    Mine shows the phone number. I would call T Mobile tech support.
  5. xristian

    xristian Member

    I needed the phone number to show in order to use an app ... I called T-mobile and the guy took care of it in less than a minute without asking any question why I would need the number to show
  6. wildblue

    wildblue Well-Known Member

    I did call when I first got the phone and noticed it. They had me dial a number (which I've forgotten) that did show my phone #. They had no explanation for why it shows up under Settings as "unknown". I suppose I could pursue it further, but without a more serious problem showing up I'm not all that interested in fixing it.
  7. aksoutherland

    aksoutherland Member

    I had the same issue with mine. A call to T-Mo support didn't help. So after some researching I found this:
    1. Power off phone
    2. Remove SIM card
    3. Power on phone
    4. Once phone is completely booted up power off the phone
    5. Insert SIM card
    6. Power on the phone

    This worked for me, I also had an app that required the phone to know the number, I believe it was one of the PTT apps from the market.
  8. greatred77

    greatred77 New Member

    It is possible to put your phone number in there, and is easier than you might think:

    Go into Contacts -> [Menu] -> More -> Settings -> Own numbers -> [Menu] -> Create and type your phone number into the Number field, now Save.

    Then switch your phone off and on again, and it should show the correct number (or whatever number you entered) in the status now.
  9. J.E.T.

    J.E.T. New Member

    What greatred77 suggested, it does work.

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