Is this phone "unlocked"?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ReasonableMan, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Forgive my probably silly question. I recently broke my Desire and bought a new one. I sold the broken one (all that's really wrong with it is that it won't detect any carriers.. I guess the antenna is busted or something) on eBay, and am about to ship it out.

    Suddenly the buyer emails me asking if it's unlocked, and if not, can I get him an unlock code. My carrier is Telus in Canada. I've since rooted and Froyo'd the broken phone. My question is, did installing the new software "unlock" the phone to be used on any carrier (assuming repair of the antenna)? Was it ever locked to begin with?

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    Apr 6, 2010
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    OK, I have to start from the end, but...
    I cannot say if it was unlocked to begin with, the way to test is usually by trying a different sim in the handset. However, if the phone has 'Telus' (or whatever carrier) branded icons or splashscreen it usually indicates a locked phone (although things in Canada may be different)
    Rooting etc does not usually unlock the phone, as the lock is linked through the IMEI code of the handset, not the software version.
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  3. Makes sense. No, the phone doesn't have any Telus branding on it, and when it worked I could scan for networks and see Rogers and Bell as well, but obviously don't have SIM cards for those networks. I guess I should see if I can dig up an unlock code for the guy.

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  5. That site would seem to indicate that the phone is locked to Telus. Guess I'll have to get this dude an unlock code or something, though I never said in my auction that it was unlocked, and he didn't ask until the transaction was finished. Thanks again, guys!
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    Feb 8, 2010
    Why didnt you simply return it for replacement under warranty?
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    Send the guy to this vendor on e-bay mobilexpresscanada[​IMG] he has unlock codes for the telus Desire, I purchased a unlocked telus desire phone from him. He supplies many unlock codes for telus phones.

    As for you getting it for him all I can say is why???It was not part of the auction and therefore you would have to pay for it on your own dime??? Just lead him in the right direction and let him pay for it!!! After all you did the leg work and found where he could get one from.
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    i may be old fashioned or consumer unfriendly but why should you supply a code?

    the buyer bought the phone "as is". no mention of unlocked or unlock code supplied. end of story.

    wed all like to be able to buy an item without asking for more details then suddenly want it to be supplied with extras but it's not going to happen.

    sold as seen/buyer beware.....
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    Sep 7, 2010
    hi guys..

    i would like to buy a HTC Desire 8183 or the 8182..Unlocked for the ATT network in the USA..

    what are good links to buy from? i have in my budget about 600 dollars

    i need it work with the 3G Att network in the USA being i am a photographer and need the Facebook and Twitter and Flickr apps to work seemlessly with my phone and speeds..

    i am kinda confused, on buying a phone from teles and buying an unlocked code?

    or just buy the phone outright from a dealer that is proven to be a good merchant

    i am very new to this cell phone game, and would like to know more as i am reading every day..

    thanks in advance

    phamster my blog and work

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