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Is this phone worth getting...for free?General

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  1. sleemie

    sleemie Well-Known Member

    Verizon is offering it for free right now and was wondering if it was worth using my upgrade and being stuck with this for the next two years. I guess one question I would have is how far behind is it technologically from the newer verizon phones, such as the RAZR, Rezound and Nexus? Will it be getting ICS? You can't argue with the price since it's free, but I'd rather pay a few bucks and get something that's going to be at least in the same league with the latest and greatest phones, even if not completely on that level.

    What, if anything, would I be sacrificing by getting this phone instead of one of the newer Verizon phones?

  2. chrstdvd

    chrstdvd Well-Known Member

    The Charge has been good to/for me. I like the size and feel and it operates just fine for me. However were I in the market for a new phone I would pay the bucks and get one of the new ones coming out this year. There is just to much changing to fast to be getting something as old as the charge is now IMO.
  3. Bozz5384

    Bozz5384 Well-Known Member

    I agree with this, I wouldn't categorize the Charge as a bad phone, because I actually like mine -- however some newer, faster phones have come out since that offer better battery life.

    ON my list, in order -- currently avail on Verizon:

    Galaxy Nexus
    RAZR Maxx
  4. GrammieDroid

    GrammieDroid Well-Known Member

    I hear Nexus has big problems. I love my charge after this latest update. How many other phones have a 32 sd card included?
  5. WildH

    WildH Well-Known Member

    Depends on if you have lots money our not. If you want a smart phone and have no money to spend yes its worth it. I spent cash on mine and don't regret it, but like others stated, there are others better....
  6. awd

    awd Well-Known Member

    is you asking, that means you have $$ to spend.... go spend some money on some cool new phone otherwise you will regret it.....

    among 4G-LTE phones, this phone is better than the LG revolutions and HTC thunderbolt...and that's about it. everything else is much better than this DC!
  7. Panzerapple

    Panzerapple Member

    What problems? Have both and the charge has given me more grief then my nexus. I am on my third charge and on my first nexus. I still think the charge was the best device out at the time I bought it and a good phone. Not sure if the fp1 update fixed all the issues. Spend the extra money and get the nexus. For sure you will get the jelly bean update and possibly key lime pie.
  8. aneftp

    aneftp Well-Known Member

    I had the Galaxy Nexus LTE/CDMA version since day 1. So after 3 1/2 months, I gave up on it and sold it a couple of days ago.

    Great device. Loved the screen. Loved ICS but Samsung has horrible, and I mean horrible antenna design problems on many of their CDMA phones, including the galaxy nexus.

    Final straw was when my friend's Droid Razr was able to get 2-3 bars of LTE signal at my house and my Verizon LTE iPad gets 3 bars at my house also.

    But my Galaxy Nexus never gets LTE signal and CDMA signal is 2-3.

    At work, I get a 30-40% no signal on my Galaxy Nexus, which is ridiculous. I mean no CDMA, no LTE.

    So if unless you live in a very strong Verizon area (I am in Orlando); if you live in a strong area, than the Nexus is great. But if it's a "fringe" area, you will be kicking yourself because even the leaked 4.03/4.04/05 software update do not improve the antenna.

    Getting back to the original question. I wouldn't waste your upgrade on the Droid Charge even if free. You can find them on craiglist for $150 these days no contract in good condition.

    Even the Galaxy Nexus goes from $350-450 on craigslist perfect condition. This sure beats spending $299 on contract for the Gnex (you can get it a little cheaper on Amazon (for $229 for upgrades). Amazon has them for $99 of NEW customers.

    There are other phones coming out in the next couple of months. So if you need a new phone now, get it used. Save your upgrade.
  9. awd

    awd Well-Known Member

    What are the new oho.es worth waiting for? How does the motorola razr compared to samsumg galaxy nexus?(besides antennae)
  10. Panzerapple

    Panzerapple Member

    As far as poor signal strength in order to get a true assessment of actual signal strength you need to check your dbm. The current 4.0.2 signal strength indicator is not accurate. A correctly operating nexus will show similar numbers as most phones. This has been tested many times.
  11. Zoandroid

    Zoandroid Well-Known Member

    I'm looking at getting an upgrade too, and the, Charge is one phone I am considering as I want one with an AMOLED display (top priority in my choices). But there is conflicting information about how much internal usable RAM the Charge has. The specs say it has 2GB internal memory. But someone on Amazon Wireless in a review said it only has 328 MB of RAM. If that is true, that is a deal breaker for me. I typically have tens of apps installed and since upgrading from an LG Ally to Droid X I don't have to fiddle with moving apps to SD anymore. I would rather not have that issue again.

    I was seriously considering the RAZER until I read that its battery is not user removable, so no extended battery available (something I always equip every one of my phones with). The RAZER MAXX is too crazy expensive to even consider as an option. Wanting the AMOLED display limits my options some, but I also don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a phone. This narrows the field very quickly.

    So how much user RAM is in the Charge?
  12. Cilraaz

    Cilraaz Well-Known Member

    According to SystemPanel Lite:

    /system is 333MB
    /data is around 1200MB (where installed apps go)
    /cache is 260MB
    /dbdata is 100MB
    /dev is around 190MB
    RAM is around 380MB

    I have a lot of apps installed (161) and still have 300MB free in /data. I also don't have issues with RAM usage. Under normal circumstances, I have 75-80MB free. During periods of high usage (games, etc), this drops but has never caused slowdown or choppiness/poor framerate.
    Zoandroid likes this.
  13. Zoandroid

    Zoandroid Well-Known Member

    Aha. As I thought more about this after posting, I began to wonder of the person who said that was actually referring to how much memory was available WITH all the default apps installed. Seems that was the case.

  14. DaManDJ3

    DaManDJ3 Well-Known Member

    This phone isn't worth getting even if they paid you!
  15. Droid_Genius

    Droid_Genius Well-Known Member

    Mines rooted just to remove bloat and I have to say I am impressed by the battery in this thing it lasts all day on a single charge Like 7am to 9pm-ish when I go to bed. But like others said there are too many other options so buy it outright and save upgrade. I buy all my phones on CL I like being MTM actually, most people upgrade just to sell them for profit so you can get a good deal on one. Something really has to catch my eye before I sign a contract

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