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Is this seriously normal?Support

  1. roflnub1111

    roflnub1111 Member


    4 hours 32 minutes on battery, and it's already at 48%..

    I didn't even use Snapchat that much. Within 2 hours my phone was already at 80%, this was mostly in standby. The apps I used the most were Instagram and Snapchat, but it was less than like 10 mins.

    I leave my phone on sleep for like an hour and it goes from like 68% to 49%?

    Like wtf, Lookout Security popped out of nowhere, and I only listened to Music for an hour.

    Some more info, before I had a problem where Media Server was at 33% using up all my battery. I took out all my pictures, videos, music, etc. and then put them back on, now media server is only at 10%.. I noticed avast was at 10% too, but Lookout Security was at 20% so I was like wtf? I'm not sure if it was doing a weekly scan, but why the **** is my phone battery getting ****ed out now?

  2. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Get GSam Battery Monitor instead of built-in.

    Use the graph, other, in landscape mode to see if it's active while screen off.

    Don't run multiple security scanners.

    Expect social apps to keep your phone awake whether you want them to or not, that's what they do.

    Hope my advice on the mediascanner worked out for you.

    Please don't overstress our language filters. You may be angry with your phone, we didn't didn't do it.
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