Is VM Reception Consistent w/ All Phones?

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  1. Heaven or Hell

    Heaven or Hell New Member

    Is the reception of VM (Virgin Mobile) cell phones consistent all throughout? Meaning, if I'm using a KYOCERA cell phone by VM (which I am) am I going to be having any less or more reception using another VM cell phone? This is important to me. Part of me thinks it's the same since the reception is based on communication towers of VM, but at the same time I think the reception quality for each VM cell phone may be different.

    I like sticking with Virgin Mobile but the reception really sucks with the KYOCERA. I'm usually home and I get bad reception there...especially in the basement where my room is. I thought perhaps if I switch to a Samsung Montra cell phone by VM the reception will be considerably better. I want to know if the reception is consistent with VM cell phones first though, since if they are, then doing the switch was pointless and in this case I'd rather just keep using the KYOCERA or even switch to another service.

    And finally...if the reception does differ between them, is there a way to check the quality of a phone's reception before actually using it? Because once I switch to another VM phone,'s a tedious process switching back and forth between phones from my experience.


  2. Heaven or Hell

    Heaven or Hell New Member

  3. HildyJ

    HildyJ Member

    No and, unfortunately, no. I don't know about your phone but, for example, the Optimus V is said to be good while the Samsung Intercept and Motorola Triumph are said to be bad.

    Your best bet would be to read through the hardware forums like Virgin Mobile Android Devices
  4. Heaven or Hell

    Heaven or Hell New Member

    I asked on there, thanks. Searching I didn't find what I was looking for so I asked...
  5. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    I had the Intercept before I got my OpV. Now my kids have the Intercept. My roommate back home in Tacoma (I'm on vacation) also has the Intercept but his is with Sprint. All three phones have the same reception in my house.
  6. avenue

    avenue Member

    I recently talked with someone that has had problems with their HTC Wildfire S, but no problems with their LG Optimus V.

    I think it would be best to just purchase the phone and see how it works for you. If it doesn't work go, then just return it.
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