Is Walmart StraightTalk switching to Verizon from Sprint?Support

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  1. NY Yankees 23

    NY Yankees 23 Member

    I just heard the rumor. I saw it on the page. So many people, including myself, have complained about the dropped calls, etc etc etc, that Straighttalk moved their LG Optimus Q, at least this phone, to Verizon and off of Sprint? It also stated that this happened early this year. I got my phone last year and therefor wouldnt have the updated internals or what not to make my phone run off of the supposed Verizon towers. Anybody have any insight to this? I searched google. All you get is buy this phone and walmart to get android phones running off Sprint towers....useless!

    Also, I already know the answer is no but.... if i were to root this phone, can that help boost the signal or anything like that for a little better service somehow? I am pretty sure rooting only helps the operating system so i was just hoping. THANKS !

  2. glbell62

    glbell62 Member

    I believe Straighttalk has always used verizons network, Virgin and Boost use Sprints
  3. NY Yankees 23

    NY Yankees 23 Member

    No their android phones use Sprint. All their other phones though I do belive is Verizon.

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