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  1. AirCatHeavy

    AirCatHeavy Well-Known Member

    Hi folks,

    My Intercept is a dog when it comes to upload and download speeds and I was wondering if everyone has this issue with the Intercept.

    I have two separate VM phones on separate accounts.

    The Intercept has consistently poor Upload and Download speeds ( It's normal for mine to get 65 - 100Kbps while my other VM phone gets 800 - 1100kbps at the same time at the same location. I run the tests simultaneously.

    So I'm wondering is it MY PARTICULAR phone or is the Intercept really bad when it comes to Upload and Download speeds?


  2. Darkseas

    Darkseas Well-Known Member

    I posted a similar question some months ago, and got no answers. So here's what I know based only on my experience.

    I'm assuming you're asking about a WiFi connection.

    All cell phones are doggy compared to laptops. I'd guess this has something to do with the size of the antenna. It may also have something to do with the test software. I used SpeedTest, and the latency, even for a local site, was huge compared to what I get on my desktop and laptop.

    But cell phones do differ. My wife has a Droid X and it gets consistently better speeds by 25 to 50%. But it's a bigger phone with, I assume, a bigger antenna. I'm using a 25/25 FiOS connection and neither phone comes close to maxing out the connection's capacity, while the laptop routinely does.

    Be interesting to see some numbers for tablets.

    Edit: OK, from your post on the Optimus-Intercept thread, I'm assuming you're talking 3G. On WiFi, the Intercept will routinely pull 11-16 mbps. On 3G, I'm pulling worse numbers than you on download, but better on upload. But this isn't surprising since I have 0 bars in my house.
  3. AirCatHeavy

    AirCatHeavy Well-Known Member

    Thanks DarkSeas!

    That helps.

    Yeah, I meant 3G. I never use WiFi.

    I just dropped T-Mobile and my Optimus gets speeds in line with T-Mobile.

    The Intercept is so bad it's borderline useless on 3G.
  4. JaeWeb

    JaeWeb Well-Known Member

    How long have you had it? Depending on when you bought it and which store you bought it from, you may be able to get it switched out. I've only have my Intercept a few days and am probably going to take it back to witch it out for the Optimus V. I really love my slide out keyboard, but my phone is quite laggy and has poor reception. A friend of mine has the Optimus V and has much better reception than my Intercept. If i do end up switching it out, I will be really sad because I do love my slide out keyboard so much! The virtual keyboard doesn't like me lol.
  5. AirCatHeavy

    AirCatHeavy Well-Known Member


    Ya know, for most intents and purposes the Intercept does ok. It seems to have poor reception compared to the Optimus. But I even get poor connection speeds with the Optimus often.

    So I use the Intercept a lot and for most stuff and the Optimus only when I need faster Internet speeds which for me is rarely.

    I use the Intercept most of the time.

    I'm keeping both.
  6. Christoph006

    Christoph006 Member

    My intercept is miserably slow to do anything. Even opening an app takes forever and sometimes it just freezes. I'm about fed up with this phone. I'm considering the Optimus or the Triumph, but the Triumph is pricey right now.
  7. dudleesmuk

    dudleesmuk Well-Known Member

    rooting the intercept will solve ur lagg probs guys. it easy now there is an app but i dont know how to link it here. its call intercept root apk. it comes with the custom recovery tool also if u want to install it. then simply download a custom kernel zip file and pow. ur blazing. idk if it improves download speeds but i got rid of most laggs.
    apps i use
    these have worked for me. now i love my intercept nn 25 a month is great too.

    TELMENOW New Member

    To all who wants to know. I like the 3G connection and my downloads are pretty fast including 1280X720. No need to be going to speed test sites...those are useless and frustrating. Besides, they will not help boost your speed anyway. Depending on where you are, move around in your house or apartment. Look at your meter on your phone and see where you get more signal strength.

    Also, very important as with any laptop or desktop clean it up! If you are a heavy internet user do maintenance to help. Go to the net on your phone and pull up any webpage(in order to access web settings). Then click on box with lines in it, located next to house icon on phone (this will bring up a panel...if you do not see Settings then click on More). Scroll down list until you find Settings Menu+p then click it! In there you want to clear cache, clear history, clear all cookie data, clear form data, and clear passwords. This may help your speed...also check how much space you are using up with storing pics and vides on internal memory(if you have it) and memory card.
    You can also contact tech support and they may be able to adjust your phone speed. I had issues with youtube video freezing (even small videos) and they just adjusted my phone speed. Now I need to see if it corrected the freezing on playback video. Now we all have to keep in mind with any technology, nothing is perfect!
  9. Christoph006

    Christoph006 Member

    I said to hell with the Intercept and bought an Optimus V. It's SOOO much better. Even with all the apps I had on the Intercept it's still faster. And I can play Angry Birds without issue.
  10. ZeRoSL

    ZeRoSL Member

    +1 for terribly slow
  11. tacticblue

    tacticblue Member

    Worst cellphone I have ever owned. I was so excited about getting an Android phone this is 1st one I bought and paid close to $300 for it back in the day. What a complete waste of money.
  12. XxGaming23xX

    XxGaming23xX Member

    Dependes Bad 3G
  13. Shadow300

    Shadow300 Member

    I used to have an lg optimus and it was so smooth and fast, but i wanted a slide out keyboard and got the intercept. I get very frustrated with its lagging though and it can't handle too many apps. I had too root it and delete a lot of crapware from the system. I also run the apps from a virtual memory on the sd card.
  14. JALStudios

    JALStudios Well-Known Member

    Well the Samsung Intercept is a slow phone! Considering that is was the first android phone to come out for Virgin Mobile! The phone was not all that great on the 2.1 version but when they upgraded to 2.2 it got worse! They phone could barely run with the 2.1 but now has problems with 2.2!

    I have downloaded apps with 3g and it was EXTREMELY slow!
    I have also downloaded apps with WIFI and it was a little faster bus still very slow!

    I am currently rooted with:
    BROM 1.3.1 (ROM)
    Crap_Kernel_1.5 (Kernel)
    CM01 Custom Recovery (Recovery Mode)

    These features improve:
    Download Speeds
    Processor Speed
    Battery Life
    3g Speed
    Touch Response
    Added Settings
    And Much Much MORE!!

    I also like to use the Battery Wipe settings on the CM01 Recovery to make my battery life 3x better!!

    I hope that this reply helped!
  15. acustins

    acustins Member

    The difference is the intercept is only capable of 3G rev O, the optimus is 3G Rev A. Much faster. Check out the specs on cnet. It doesn't bother me because I am usually on Wifi.

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