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ISO: App to monitor phone usage

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  1. SlowMoe

    SlowMoe Active Member


    I was wondering if there is an application that can monitor various usage on the Tattoo. For instance, MB/GB downloads, text messages, minutes/hourse of talking etc.

    It has to bee freeware by the way! ;)


  2. brandmarked

    brandmarked Well-Known Member

    Net Counter will do the Mb/Gb usage via WiFi and Cell. I've used it with no probs for a couple of months.

    Minute use and texts sent, I'm not sure. Not kept track of them myself. But I should! Let me know if you find anything to recommend. I have seen some on the market I think, but not tried any.

    - Mark
  3. SlowMoe

    SlowMoe Active Member

    hey b.

    Thanks for the tip... Net Counter is exactly what I need...

    Regarding a phone usage monitor, I have found a program called Phonalyzr - it does the job - but is not very handy. But it works! ;)

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