issue sending mms pictures.Support

  1. fluffypmp69

    fluffypmp69 New Member

    hi guys. i have an htc evo and i use chompsms and the stock messaging program. my friend tells me everytime i send him a picture he gets it twice... this happens every single time i send him a picture. is there a certain setting or anything i can do so it doesn't send twice? if not i guess its no big deal but if anyone can help that would be appreciated. ty

  2. To see if it is something in CHompsms, try using the stock app and see if he gets it twice.
  3. fluffypmp69

    fluffypmp69 New Member

    i sent him the same picture using chomp, handcent, and stock. i did this because i wanted to see if there was any quality difference in the 3 and what was best. in return he said he got 6 pictures lol. 2 from chomp 2 from handcent and 2 from stock. i already uninstalled handcent so now i just use chomp and stock

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