Issue w/ android file transfer yet again since updateSupport

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  1. MBM7881

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    I'm having an issue with my Note2 staying connected to my Mac computer using AFT. It keeps saying that if my screen is locked to unlocked it and reconnect my device. This happens every time theres an update. This is getting really frustrating with android. I mainly use AFT to back up my files in case my phone gets messed up. Any ideas besides airdroid? I didn't care for airdroid. Just showed me my files but it was like pulling teeth to back them up. Thanks in advance

  2. MBM7881

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  3. drexappeal

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    Even though you have to get the paid version to really experience how great it is, it truly is fantastic. I like airdroid in certain circumstances, but for backing up files, Solid Explorer is a much better and more reliable option.

    Solid Explorer allows you to set up a ftp link, which you input into your Mac's file explorer program, and you would transfer items over if your phone were connected to your Mac via USB as a storage drive.

    Once you've downloaded the app, this is how you get to the file sharing through the app:

    On the phone
    Connect to Wifi>Open Solid Explorer>Menu>File Sharing>Enter Password of your choice>Press Start (at bottom of screen)

    On your mac
    Open the file explorer program on your Mac>type in the Server Address showing on your Solid Explorer app>When pop-up window comes up, enter in the password you selected (username stays as admin)

    Once you've done that, you should be able to see the directory for your internal and external storage. You can transfer files from your Mac to your phone and vice versa, until you press "Stop" on the Solid Explorer app.
  4. MBM7881

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    Do I have to be rooted? Cuz I'm not :(
  5. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Absolutely not. :D I'm not rooted (...I can hear the groans from the vets on this forum as I typed that...LOL).

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