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  1. MrSparklePants

    MrSparklePants New Member

    Hi Guys and Gals

    I was wondering if anyone can help, I've had an HTC one X for a few months now after upgrading from a Desire HD and I am experiencing problems with my contact list.
    It is running 4.0.3 and patch and I am on Orange/Everything Everywhere

    My issues are as follows:
    When dialling numbers on the phone screen using the first letters of the contact, some names do not appear at all but when I search for them under the people tab they are there.
    When I receive text messages, some contacts to sync with the text and hence only show as the number and not the contact.
    All my contacts are synced and linked with facebook and google and when I search for them through People, all the details are there.

    Can anyone help?

  2. ajeet

    ajeet Active Member

    Are any of your contacts linked i.e. the same contact no with more than one entry.
    Hope it helps.
  3. MrSparklePants

    MrSparklePants New Member

    Hi Ajeet

    Both, it is happening to linked contacts and contacts who I have only their number stored on the sim and that's it.

    I have also checked that they are not in my phone book twice

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