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Issue with phone, or just bad signal?Support

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  1. *Thirteen

    *Thirteen Member

    This problem started today, and I'm just a little worried about it. My phone changes from 3G to Edge a lot but today whenever it's on 3G I can't send texts. The "Message not sent" Error will repeat itself until the phone switches to edge. Then all is fine. Also, when the phone switches to 3G I just lose the signal all together. Again it was NOT doing this before and this is only happening at my home (so far) so I was just wondering if I'm just having a bad signal due to weather (there's been wind and rain in the area) or whatever or if it's the phone.

    Thanks, :)

  2. Exaqtion

    Exaqtion Well-Known Member

    Im having the same issue bud.
  3. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    If you are in an area where you are seeing that your connection status changes from Edge to 3G, then you might want to pick one.


    Go to this link, it will tell you how to make sure your device only sends to 3G.

    If your connected to 3G, and you press Send on a message, and while its sending, it changes to the EDGE network, your message will mess up.

    I dont know why but it will, at least for me.

    I put it either on 3G or Wifi, , but i dont know what the case is with Edge.
  4. Exaqtion

    Exaqtion Well-Known Member

    I did that and at places where it usually changes to EDGE, it started to just cut my whole reception out. :confused:
  5. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    Well then just keep it on edge,

    See i think the problem is that it messes up when the network changes in the middle of sending a message.

    If you see that its changing, the keep it on edge, if you have a good solid 3g connection, the change it back.

    But yes, we need to complain to tmobile because they are the ones responsible for our connections
  6. behold_this

    behold_this Well-Known Member

    lmao complaining to tmo won't make those cell towers go up any quicker though it's not a bad idea to report service issues to them
  7. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

  8. Leviathan10000

    Leviathan10000 New Member

    I called tmo regarding the same problems i was getting a lot of errors whenever i tried sending a text or receiving pictures and they walked me through a solution. You have to delete one of the APN's that are located in wireless & networks/Mobile networks/access Point Names. Delete the last one which i believe is t-mobile MMS then they told me to go into T-Mobile Data scroll down to MMSC and input http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc make sure you save. this worked for me.
  9. Exaqtion

    Exaqtion Well-Known Member

    That didn't work for me :(
  10. mrfixit505

    mrfixit505 New Member

    I'm having the same problem, at first it was just poor g3 in my rv but now it has degraded to almost everywhere. I still can't send texts or make calls over wifi either.
  11. jimczyz

    jimczyz Well-Known Member

    Funny thing with this is, my wife is having the same issues for the last 2 days now and she has a Dash 3g on windows mobile. I'd say it's the service not any settings.
  12. hipster7929

    hipster7929 Well-Known Member

    I have the same issue, also my dialer has been force closing alot which has made me be unable to place calls most off the time then turns to the white mytouch screen. My THIRD slide is on the way :mad:
  13. dictionary2006

    dictionary2006 New Member

    Same here. WEIRD sh**.....calls won't go thru until the third attempt. SMS bounces repeatedly...the second I attempt to send...but only sometimes. And then....with 3g and FULL bars, I can't connect to the internet....at times (more often in the last few days). This sucks!
  14. hipster7929

    hipster7929 Well-Known Member

    Yea I'm on my 4th slide now, haven't noticed ans much call dropiing but texts are still messed up and I have noticed the browserissue now as well, pray for 2.2 to fix.
  15. SVECobraR

    SVECobraR Member

    Sorry for digging up an old thread but i had read this one earlier and didn't want to unnecessarily make a new one. I also tried this and it didn't work, I got 9 picture messages of a car yesterday and only the first 3 and the last one downloaded and i can't get any of the others to download, whether it be over edge, 3g or wifi.

    Any new fixes for this?

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