Issue with S4-Exchange and BluetoothSupport

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  1. galaxys4

    galaxys4 New Member

    Hi There,

    Just recently switched from an iPhone to Android and the S4. Love the phone and the OS, but having an issue I am hoping somebody with experience can assist me with.

    Phone is setup with my companies exchange server. This restricts my ability to alter the lock screen, add widgets, and mandates that I enter my PIN every minute to access the phone.... a big pain.

    My biggest issue is when I am in the car, and trying to use my Bluetooth. When I press the button on my Bluetooth device, nothing happens and I see on my screen it needs me to enter in my PIN code....this defeats the whole purpose of "hands free".

    It is synced and I can answer calls, and send texts etc...when phone is unlocked....but it auto locks every minute!! and is a pain to use in the car, having to enter I the PIN every minute...

    Any advise I would greatly appreciate it!

  2. Tomo1971

    Tomo1971 Well-Known Member

    This is a Samsung issue....I had the same with my Note 2.

    The only way I found around it is too use a third party mail app that supports exchange policies. The one that most recommended was Touchdown. This has a pin code entry, but it is just for the app, not the phone itself.

    As far as I am aware, that's the only way around the issue. This may not be approved by your it admin dept though.
  3. s44

    s44 Well-Known Member

  4. galaxys4

    galaxys4 New Member

    I downloaded touchdown and removed the exchange function from my phone, and now have access to more features, which is good!

    BUT, when I still try to use my Bluetooth in my car, the screen still pops up on the phone to unlock it.....this seems really strange that you cant use Bluetooth device unless your device is on the main screen?? Perhaps its my Bluetooth device?? I never had this issue with my iPhone...
  5. veggie59

    veggie59 Member

    I have a BT and i am having issues as well. I am not restricted but choose to have a pin.. I am unable to make an outdoing call. I have always left my phone in my purse locked and it has worked. Having issues with this S4 working.

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