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Issue with service on this phone.Support

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  1. JeffRil

    JeffRil Well-Known Member

    I have this phone running CTMod the other day I lost service and went into roaming, and now every time I go to make a call I get a message saying "To make a collect call to a mobile or land line phone press one" the message continues and repeats, I have paid my boost mobile bill and its still doing this, a friend of mine called my phone from Samsung prevail and it worked just fine and he is not on roam, we are in the same house the only difference in the phones is the type and the area code for the numbers the one that works is a 989 area code and mine is a 352 area code.

    Does anyone have any idea on what I can do. I had to reboost threw the website because I cant even call the care line off my phone.

  2. Evul1

    Evul1 Member

    I would try a factory reset.
  3. JeffRil

    JeffRil Well-Known Member

    I tryed restoring an old install of ct mod and it did not work, I also tryed reflashing a new CTMod Install, would factory reset have any different effect than what I have done?
  4. cjreyes666

    cjreyes666 Well-Known Member

  5. kevindroid

    kevindroid Well-Known Member

    you can recieve a call so i would rule out monsters problem. i would update the prl.

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