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Issues after 2 months.Support

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  1. TheMethodM4n

    TheMethodM4n Member

    Out of the box my MT was lightning quick in every aspect of the phone. Very snappy. Almost entire albums of photos on Facebook loaded in under 5 seconds. YouTube videos played without any hiccups. Largely impressed with this phone compared to my previous (and first ever smartphone) Samsung Intercept.

    Problem is two months later, after downloading about 10 apps (namely GO SMS, GO Launcher, Words With Friends, and Pandora) and medium to heavy web browsing using the stock browser, my MT isn't the lightning quick device it used to be. My internal phone storage is at 635MB and 9/10 downloaded apps I have are stored to my SD card.

    How can I boost the speed of my phone back to what it was at on day 1?

  2. millenium

    millenium Well-Known Member

  3. TheMethodM4n

    TheMethodM4n Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. I've downloaded and used the provided cache clearing app. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to enhance much at all the overall web browsing and app loading speed of my phone. More often than not my phone's performance speed resembles that of my prior lackluster Intercept. I'm like, 1GHz processor, huh?

    Any other possible solutions?

    I appreciate the help and apologize if another similar thread is posted elsewhere.

  4. I assume your rom is filling its cache and spending more time wiping it to write new data.

    the stock rom IS horrible. anyone whos upgraded to pretty much any custom rom can attest to that, so if you havent done so yet, you arent doing yourself any favors until you do.

    I recommend TG-reloaded cm7 or froyocream sandwhich. the latter is still froyo but has enough enhancements and tweaks that it should run way better than stock.

    I use miui, and its nice and fast and awesome but i wouldnt recommend it, if you got used to the stock rom, it would be a learning curve for sure. lots of things are changed from stock android. CM7 is much, much closer to a "pure" android experience than anything else.

    oh, the triump is easily the EASIEST phone to put a rom on. no need to deal with ADB or root, you can literally install a custom recovery by swapping a file while connected to a PC. and you can back up the stock rom as is and never have to root it, so you can restore the phone to a perfect stock state if you ever want to sell it.
  5. TriumphLance

    TriumphLance Well-Known Member

    Yeah definitely look into trying CM7. I was on the stock ROM for about two months and just got sick of it having sluggish performance. My triumph now feels more like a high end device.I got 1600 quadrant score on stock ROM now I get 2500-3000 on not even overclocked. if you follow all the guides it's very easy to install a ROM on the triumph
  6. TheMethodM4n

    TheMethodM4n Member

    I'm glad to learn I'm not the only one experiencing this issue with the phone. I'll most certainly give your suggestions a shot.
    A big thank you and happy new year to the both of you.

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