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  1. Veronykah

    Veronykah Member

    After the Gingerbread update, sometimes not always, when I hit the button to see ALL my apps it'll take a long time to display all of them, like a minute. Also, frequently when I hit the home button from there I get to my home screen but there is nothing but my wallpaper and I have to scroll back and forth between home pages to get everything to appear.
    Also, photos are still disappearing from the gallery but are still on the phone, as I can see them when I plug it into my computer.
    AND MMS still won't display after hitting download, it says downloading then just goes back to saying Download.

    Anyone else having these issues or fixed these issues?

  2. tstarky

    tstarky Active Member

    I have the exact same issues. I've never had my G2 move so slow. I hate the pictures missing and I hate that in order to see them I will have to use the USB connect to my computer to find them. I hope they have a fix for this at some point.
  3. MRguyandhis2

    MRguyandhis2 Well-Known Member

    o only had that problem on froyo
  4. blkidea

    blkidea Active Member

    I been having similar problems too. My apps don't take a minute to load, but there is a noticeable lag. The launcher continuously crashed so I switched to AWD. It got a bit better but the launcher continues to crash sometimes especially when I'm connected to wi-fi. The picture problems were solved after I connect the phone to the computer and I've never had the problems with MMS. Are you using the stock messaging app? I've always use Handcent and never had such problems. I read somewhere that they have a OTA update that is suppose to fix some bugs in Gingerbread so hopefully it patches some of these bugs.

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