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Issues after ICS upgradeSupport

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  1. lg56

    lg56 New Member


    I upgraded my HTC sensation XE on 28th April to ICS and I have had multiple problems. The main one is that all my photos have disappeared from the gallery. If I take a new photo now then it appears in the gallery, but my old pictures are not there. I have checked that they still exist on the SD card by putting it into my computer and everything is there, as it should be.

    In addition, I can no longer sync using HTC sync software. I just get a message saying 'Fail to mount/unmount device storage card. (1020)' I presume these too problems are related. Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    I use the stock gallery and QuickPic on my Sensation.

    After the ICS update, sometimes the stock gallery doesn't find any pictures. So I use QuickPic. It has never a problem to find the pics :)

    And an other good thing: After QuickPic had made a rescan of the SD card for pics the stock gallery will find them too :)

  3. chattygirl

    chattygirl Active Member

    Exact same problem and I too downloaded quickpic as a solution
  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I've seen that after major Android updates.

    Please see my post on resetting in the Strategies thread, it's a sticky at the moment. ;)

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