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  1. Kickboxingpredat

    Kickboxingpredat New Member

    Whenever I try and delete message threads. They're big convos 500+ messages some over 1000, However last night I selected like 30 convos and pressed delete and left it overnight woke up and IT WAS STILL DELETING. I ended up cancelling it and the app crashed.
    I am using the generic texting program

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Was it all message threads, or are there specific convos you want to keep?

    As a shortcut, you could head to settings -> apps -> all -> messages -> clear cache/data. That would wipe all messages (but it would take the messaging app settings with it too).

    Alternatively, try deleting them one by one.
  3. dsho

    dsho Member

    Hijack the thread:

    I tried to send a MMS but failed due to some carrier settings.

    I have deleted the offending MMS but the red icon indicating failed sms still appears daily.

    Now, I have a constant red icon. How do I get rid of this without deleting all messages via the clear cache method?

    thanks in advance!

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