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Issues regarding my phone.General

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  1. smartamrit

    smartamrit Member

    Hi guys,I own the samsung gt i551 since 3 months.My issues with this phone are:
    1. The Ram manager shows a total of 286mb as against the 512mb which samsung
    claims.How much does it show for you guys?
    2.BAttery backup sucks and the phone gets pretty heated up during charging.Am I
    the only one with this problem?
    3.Is there a wayout to play flash content on this phone without which I feel too much
    4.The processes like market and a few other hang often and I have to force close them.

    Plz gimme some suggestion to sort out my problems.This is my 2nd android device
    The first one being the samsung galaxy tab 7 inches which I also own and which is way
    better a gadget than this one.Thanks in advance.:)

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    1.)because it is 283 MB
    2.)it does heat up.use usb charging .
    3.)install custom rom like arkas 0.564 and above or stock gingerbread.both of them support the modifie flash player .
    4.)install custom rom or stock gingerbread.
    stock froyo rom is laggy
  3. smartamrit

    smartamrit Member

    Thanks karan.Btw on different sites like gsmarena it clearly shows that this phone has
    512mb of ram.Does it mean that 283mb is the ram available for us or is the total ram
    That this phone has?
  4. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    all those "so" called sites just use guesses and rumors to display the information .They only update it if notified .I had notified gsmarena about wrong processor specs (earlier they said 667Mhz) .Now I just dont care enough to correct everyone.
    283MB ram is present 283MB ram is available .
    In gingerbread it is 276 since some part of RAM is reallocated to GPU hence GB is fast .
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  5. where to get arkas 0.564
  6. smartamrit

    smartamrit Member

    Hey ppl:) I have been busy lately bcoz of studies.I want to flash a custom rom on my phone as i m sick of ever so slow stock froyo rom.I believe arkas 0.6 might be a good choice.:D
    Wanted to know a few things.
    1.Are z4root and superoneclick equally safe for rooting?
    2.Can i flash arkas 0.6 on my phone,i mean is it compatible with my device?
    3.Are cm7 and arkas 0.6 equally fast and stable roms?
    4.Can i backup my apps and data on a pc using tb?

    I know these r very basic questions,but being a complete newbie when it comes to rooting and flasing,i need to know the answers.:D

  7. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    If you are installing custom ROM
    A.)Rooting wont be required to install ROM and both z4root and SOC do the same thing
    B.)yes but 0.620 is faster
    C.)No CM7 need GB bootloader and it is quite different .
    4.)yes you can

    P.s ,SOC and z4root are bot flagged as Viruses by "credible" anti virus since they are popular exploits
  8. smartamrit

    smartamrit Member

    Thanks Karan:)

    U say i dont need to root my phone for flashing arkas 0.620(is it better than arkas 0.6) or cm7?Then how do i do it?

    U being an owner of this phone urself which custom rom will be the best suited for this phone?:D
  9. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    that depends on users
    some prefer Arkas 0.564 ,some really like 0.620,some like CM7,some like Arkas 1.5/1.6/1.7 ,some like Perseus XL .

    you need odin to flash ROM


    I would say go for 0.620 since it has minimum risk and maximum perf.

    GB ROMs are way faster but they carry risk
    Lastly CM 7.0 is still beta and you will need to check with the developer for support since I am out of loop for a long time
  10. smartamrit

    smartamrit Member

    Thanks a gizzillion:D

    Is odin only for flashing stock rom?I mean is it only used when sm1 is coming from some custom roms back to the stock?

    Spare me for asking such silly questions since i m a bit skeptical about flashing as i dont want my phone to become a black hard brick:p My phone is still inside the warranty period.
  11. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    good .Ideal time to flash stock ROMs and custom ROMS
    Stock ROM ,Arkas and some perseus use Odin

    CM 7.2,9.0 and almost all Perseus use ClockworkMod recovery (ClockworkMod recovery should never be installed with ROM Manager )

    You can check the older tutorial

  12. smartamrit

    smartamrit Member

    I have been following xda lately as i need some good ics rom for ma sgt p1000.Couldnt find anything related to galaxy 551:(

    Btw will the galaxy 551 get official gb?

    The devs threads on xda are a bit difficult for me to fathom since they mostly are for ppl who know the in's and out's of android.
  13. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    yeah ,Europe received official GB .Others may or may not .

    ICS lags on our phone and ICS should not be used on our phone . Thats what I believe
    CM 9.0 is available for our phone but you will need to check XDA since again I am out of loop as regards CM 7.2/9.0

    I dont have my phone right now actually .It's bricked .
  14. smartamrit

    smartamrit Member

    European and asian roms r cross compatible, right?Can i flash an official gb rom on my phone?
  15. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Yes you can .
  16. rock2702

    rock2702 New Member

    Hi i own a galaxy gt551,i m from india,installed the latest european 2.3.6 gb rom the polish xwkpg one,wanna try cm7 on my phone.Can sm1 gimme the link and how do I install cm7 over this rom.The android recovery currently on ma device is pretty fuked up :mad::mad::mad: and doesn't show everything on the sd card I mean the folders.
  17. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Th ClockWorkMod recovery,CM zip and the instructions (check the info file ) are in here

    For bugs ,troubleshooting and help go to this thread
    [DEV][Samsung Galaxy GT-I5510 Callisto][ROM & Kernel]Unofficial Cyanogenmod 7 - xda-developers

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