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  1. gamorg02

    gamorg02 Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    Like most people here I have the HTC loading issue after upgrading my shift, however I have 2 other issues I was wondering if anyone had heard of. I tried searching but didn't see anything.

    1. Prior to upgrading when i was using the default text messaging ap, sometimes as I'm typing a text the cursor willl just jump up to the first message. or the screen will scroll up by itself a bit. Now that i've upgraded the scrolling has been minimized but the jump up to the first text in the thread still happens. Both mine and my wife's phone has this issue.
    (nevermind on this, found other people discussing the same thing).

    2. Notification bar. At times instead of showing a (+) sign when there is more icons than room, it will just show as many icons as it can with no (+) sign. not a huge deal but kind of annoying as typically I can only have 3-4 icons and if there is an email or something waiting you have no idea until you drag down the notification bar. (it will show when you drag it down though, or if you change to a horizontal orientation).



  2. gamorg02

    gamorg02 Well-Known Member

    I know it took a while, but I finally did a full factory reset. Issue still remains. Anyone ever seen this?

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